Facebook Screws Up….Again

If you are a blogger or a brand, you know how hard it can be to build up a following on your Facebook Page. There are Terms of Service issues, constant algorithm changes and not to mention, really being there to interact with your fans. So, when one day, you log in and notice that over 100 of your actual “Friends” have “Unliked” your Page, you stress.

My first thought was, did I do something wrong? Why do they not like me anymore? Then my mom sent me a text…

“Yoli, why did you delete me from your page…you don’t delete your MOM.” Um. WTF. So I called out to my blogger friends in my network:

I wasn’t alone. In fact, I updated both my Facebook Page and my Blog Page asking who else this happened to, and I got a bunch of replies. I looked it up on this Community Forums to see if there was an answer, and I found this.

That was on Monday, and Facebook has yet to answer.

So Facebook, what gives? These are hard working bloggers who build their pages one by one and a lot of us rely on our pages to interact and connect with our fans. First you want to charge us, and now, you delete our friends! G+ is looking better and better now.

If you are a Blogger or Brand, I urge you to check your Page. Did this happen to you too?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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