Family Dance Off

Weekends are sometimes tricky around here.

My kids have somewhat different needs and ideas of fun. My 16-year-old and 12-year-old want to hang out with their friends. My 4-year-old wants to watch animated movies. My 8-year-old wants to host a lemonade stand.

I want us all to hang out… together.

(Insert groan, eye roll and high pitched whine)

My enforced weekend family time is often bound to lead to bickering (them) and some occasional crying (me).

There is a solution: Family Dance Off.

Here’s how it’s going to go down. You’re going to tell everyone to take off their shoes and stop what they are doing. Immediately. Then you’ll fire up the Dance Central 2 on Xbox 360 + Kinect, clear away the coffee table and stand back. Also, if you are four, you will want to strip down to your underwear and practice your Ninja moves between turns.

Thank you, Xbox 360 + Kinect, for making this possible. Thank you for not judging us based on how well any of us can ACTUALLY dance. Those snapshots are enough. Honestly, we don’t want to know the truth and you make that possible by giving us avatars with far better rhythm and quads. We love thinking we look awesome out there on the shag rug. As long as nobody gets a bloody nose slamming into each other it’s all good, right?

The kids put down their cell phones. That’s so right it’s wrong.

I highly recommend you try this next time your family gets all cranky from being cooped up on a weekend. Sibling rivalry expressed in a dance off is much more pleasant to watch than foot stomping and door slamming, plus you’ll burn about a bazillion calories and show your spouse who still has the best moves.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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