Family Fun – Extreme Gaming Silliness

So the evenings are dark, the nights are long, the boys are booooooooored.

Well, they used to be bored until we were joined by our beloved Xbox 360. Sounds crazy, but it has changed our lives.

My best parenting tip with the Xbox 360 is use it as leverage with your kids. All the guys here know that chores, homework and lunches for the next day at school have to be made before they can use the Xbox 360. That means we have laundry put away, a clean kitchen, vacuumed rugs and uniforms laid out for the next school day all done before the games begin. They LOVE to play so they work hard on their chores to get to play. It’s a win-win.

The games keep my boys entertained and having fun. TOGETHER! I hear lots of laughing and smack talk while they are playing…two clues that this mom knows things are going very well. Plus they moving and active…which means when bedtime rolls around they fall asleep easier. All we do is win.

In case you don’t know all of my boys, here is a handy-dandy legend for you to reference. 1= oldest, 2 = next oldest, etc. 😉

The boys are crazy in love with their games, they have so much fun that I needed to capture a short video just for you to believe it!

Take a peek-

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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