Family Movie Night: Fast Forward It, Mom

Once upon a time, like… in the 80’s, kids had to watch television shows when the TV Guide said they were going to be on, and if we didn’t want to miss anything, we had wait to go to the bathroom or get a drink during commercials. And if you didn’t have to do either of those things, you had to sit and, like, watch the commercials.

Today, when a commercial dare air across one of the four plasma screens in our home, a chorus of frustrated sighs and  “FAST FORWARD IT’s” erupt from the audience.

Asking my children to watch a show in real time is now akin to asking them to carry fresh water from a well 100 miles away. Sigh…this generation that I am entirely responsible for helping to spoil and corrupt you guys, I tell ya.

Needless to say, we now DVR the majority of our television watching, which isn’t a bad thing, because it means we can spend most of the day away from the living room, and then corral at night for some together time, aka, come to fisticuffs over whose turn it is to pick a show.

One night we have no arguments, whining or full body wrestling is Sunday night, aka, Family X-Factor Night. We make popcorn from scratch, I drink wine without judgement, and we spend hours doing something we can all agree on… judging the talents of people with way more balls than we have to get on national television and perform their heart out.

My daughter dances and sings along, the boys take turns putting on deep v-neck shirts and mimicking Simon, and Andy and I mentally take notes on which kid we plan to thrust into show biz one day. So, it’s not as Norman Rockwell as I thought it’d be, but it fits.

How does family night fit into your life?

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image courtesy Rocor, Creative Commons

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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