12 Easy (and Fancy) Holiday Hair Ideas for Little Girls

Hooray for the holidays! Fancy parties, time with family and loved ones and an excuse to get a little more gussied up than usual. If you search for holiday hairstyles for little girls you’re going to find some gorgeous options …for little girls with lots of long thick hair. But what if you have a little girl with fine short hair, or thick curly hair? Milkmaid braids and fishtails are beautiful, but what about shorter hair? My oldest has the most amazing head of perfect blonde ringlets, but every once in awhile she wishes for long straight hair that can be tied up, braided and twirled into fantastic styles.

Necessity is the mother of invention, so when it comes to tying up, braiding and twirling Addie’s curls into fantastic styles? I have to be a little more creative and a lot more resourceful to find styles that work with her hair.

Easy Holiday Hair Inspiration for Little Girls

Consider the following a holiday hair guide for the rest of us. The rest of us with so-so braiding skills, very little patience, or hard to style hair. There’s no reason our little girls shouldn’t be able to have fancy hair for the holidays. Rather than relying on long hair (something we don’t have) we rely on easy styles with simple embellishments anyone with desire and a hot glue gun can make and tailor to their own needs.

In many cases, little girls’ hair is so much softer and finer than grown up hair, it hasn’t been damaged by years of heat styling and chemicals. Here’s the hair I have to work with, in all its freshly combed, fluffy, morning bedhead glory:

We picked up a few things at the store to put together some fun holiday embellishments, we could have gone crazy with holiday peacocks, Santa hats and tiny little wrapped presents sticking out of ponytails, but we decided to keep it simple (I still have my eye on a certain peacock ornament.) Head to the holiday section of any craft store and see what inspires you. Here’s what we purchased:

  • 3 plastic headbands -$3
  • Bag of little satin roses – $3.50
  • Thin red, gold and green ribbon – $1 each
  • Thick red satin ribbon – $2
  • 4 candy cane shaped ornaments – $2
  • Glittery snowflake ornament (with 3 snowflakes) – $1.50
  • What we already had – Hair ties, bobby pins, plastic sewing needle, tail comb, spray bottle and a hot glue gun.

All together we embellished two headbands, made three clips and found a handful of ways to weave, twirl and wrap the ribbons through Addie’s medium length curly hair. I should mention that I am not crafty, at all. I’m still surprised I even own a hot glue gun. We simply played around to see what worked and what didn’t. I’m certainly no hairstylist, I have basic french braid skills at best (learned by trial and SO MANY ERRORS.) There are HUNDREDS of hair tutorials available for little girls, but I’ve never invested much time in them since I don’t have the same head of hair in my house that is in most of the videos and tutorials. Instead I focus on nurturing, manipulating and enhancing curls, something I’ve become very good at over the years. My favorite site for hair-spiration is Cute Girls Hairstyles, I dare you not to get lost in her tutorials. Once you find a hairstyle you like (as well as one you can do) here are a few ideas for making it even fancier.

  • Thick Satin Ribbon 1 of 17
    Thick Satin Ribbon
    Amazing how a simple satin ribbon can transform something as simple as a ponytail when finished off with a big bow in the back.
  • The Sort of French Twist 2 of 17
    The Sort of French Twist
    People often get intimidated by a french twist when all you really need is a few well placed bobby pins. We're big fans of the spiral pins that you twist into buns, they hold incredibly well without stabbing you in the skull.
    Create a French twist with this tutorial
  • The Messier the Better Sometimes 3 of 17
    The Messier the Better Sometimes
    If you're working with curly hair like Addie? Double bonus, because the more messy it is the more lovely it becomes.
  • Tiny Roses Headband 4 of 17
    Tiny Roses Headband
    We used one of our plastic headbands and simply hot glued on satin roses, making sure they all faced the same direction. All the fun of a flowers in your hair, without the mess.
  • Mint Candy Headband 5 of 17
    Mint Candy Headband
    By simply hot gluing one of the little candy ornaments to a headband we were able to add a sweet embellishment to an otherwise plain headband.
  • Candy Accents 6 of 17
    Candy Accents
    Addie likes her hair out of her face, but she's never been one for big fluffy bows. By simply tying on a mint candy ornament with a clear elastic it took a normal half up style to the North Pole.
  • Add Some Ribbon! 7 of 17
    Add Some Ribbon!
    We used a big plastic sewing needle (from a kid's craft kit) to weave a thin green satin ribbon through each of her braids. They were tied at the top and pulled through the elastics/ponytail at the bottom with the needle.
    This is just a simple, basic french braid.
    The great thing about the ribbon is that it holds the braids in place even better. It also makes a so-so braid look super fancy.
    Create French braid pigtails with this tutorial
  • More Ribbon! 8 of 17
    More Ribbon!
    We used red and green for Christmas, but you could use any color (or colors) for any occasion, it would be a super cute touch for cheerleaders with their team colors.
    Create French braid pigtails with this tutorial
  • Ready for more? Add flowers! 9 of 17
    Ready for more? Add flowers!
    We hot glued little satin flowers to the exposed parts of the red ribbon. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.
    Create French braid pigtails with this tutorial
  • More Ribbon 10 of 17
    More Ribbon
    Sometimes you just want to keep your child's hair our of her face, and braiding is one of the best ways to do that, because they can't pull it out (nor will it fall out) as easily as a clip.
    Create a braided headband with this tutorial
  • Festive Ribbons 11 of 17
    Festive Ribbons
    For this simple french braid I went up through her elastic on the bottom (leaving enough length to tie it into a bow when I was done) sewed up through her hair in one direction, then back down in the opposite direction giving a laced look. I pulled the ribbon back through her elastic and finished it off with a little bow.
    Create a braided headband with this tutorial
  • Embellishments! 12 of 17
    We found a glittery decoration with three snowflakes on it for $1.50. We hot glued a regular bobby pin onto each one and used them to make a crown-type braid super fancy.
    Create a crown braid with this tutorial
  • More Snowflakes 13 of 17
    More Snowflakes
    Addie was most excited about these ones, I think they look like something the Rockettes would use in a Christmas show. Addie's hair is a little short for a true crown braid, but with her curls and cute hair pins, it doesn't really matter.
    Create a crown braid with this tutorial
  • Snowflake Clip 14 of 17
    Snowflake Clip
    By adding a bobby pin to the back of our glittery snowflakes, they can be used in a dozen different ways, either all at once, or one at a time.
  • Gold Wrapped Ribbon 15 of 17
    Gold Wrapped Ribbon
    For this style I twisted her hair along the sides of her head into a ponytail in the back, super easy, no braiding skills required. I then wove a gold shimmery ribbon from one ponytail, up one twist, across the top of her head and down the other twist.
  • Simple Twist Made Fancy 16 of 17
    Simple Twist Made Fancy
    The gold ribbon was a little harder to weave through her hair with the rough texture but at the same time it held her hair really really well.
  • Holly Halo 17 of 17
    Holly Halo
    Addie was a flower girl in a wedding last year and wore a beautiful little halo of flowers, how gorgeous would this be made from holly and bright red berries?

It was really just trial and error to see what worked and what didn’t. Addie thankfully had all the patience in the world and was super excited to try new things (“ARE YOU SEWING MY HAIR MOM?” Yes, yes I am.) Hopefully you can find some inspiration for the hair you have growing in your house. We don’t all have long and thick hair like so many hair blogs would have you believe, it’s all about working with and enhancing what you do have.


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