Final Frenzy: The 3rd Trimester To-do List

Since last week’s freak out (thank you for your amazing advice, by the way!), I’m channeling my nervous energy into forming a last-minute to do list of everything I’d like to finish to prep for baby’s arrival (I cannot believe she’ll be here in just a few short weeks!). Sure, there’s washing/folding/cleaning/organizing that tops everyone’s list of pre-birth chores, but there are a few helpful additions to my own list that you might be surprised by! Behold, my Third Trimester To-do List:

1. Pre-made thank you gifts. So many of my sweet friends and family members have already signed on to pitch in during the first few weeks of baby, from making meals to volunteering for laundry duty. Because my head will be oh-so-preoccupied with the new transition, I’d love to have a few pre-made thank you gifts on hand for our sweet helpers. DIY tea bags are the perfect treat!

2. Reserve baby social media accounts. This is going to sound crazy silly to so many people, I’m sure, but I’d hate to find that when our little one turns into a tween and is in need of an email address (or whatever crazed social media platform exists in ten years), she’s out of luck. I’ll be reserving an email address for her, as well as a Twitter account (because oh, Twitter, I salute thee).

3. Write Mom/Cliff’s Notes on sticky notes. I’m a super forgetful person, and there are so many good rules of thumb to remember during those first few weeks. (One awesome tip I can never remember: Change the baby before feeding time. She’ll likely fall asleep while feeding, so you won’t have to re-wake her up for a changing afterwards!). Call me over-organized, but I’ll be placing a few sticky notes throughout the house reminding me of smart tips/tricks for the first few days. I’m guessing those little reminders will be second nature after week one, so I can ditch them as soon as I’ve got a system in place.

4. Clean out my own closet. (Can you tell I’m an organizational fiend?) Anything that’s not jersey fabric, completely stainable or totally wearable and comfy will be going into our spare closet for those first few months. I have a feeling I’ll be in complete robot mode, so there’s no sense having to sift through dozens of silky fabrics and fussy dresses to find my yoga pants in the morning. Bonus? Who wants to be reminded of their adorable pre-pregnancy threads while dealing with a post-partum body? Out of sight, out of mind.

5. Stock up on antibacterial hand sanitizer. With every new baby comes an endless stream of visitors — and germs. I’m stocking up on antibacterial hand sanitizer to keep on hand as a subtle way to offer hand-washing to guests.

6. Design birth announcements. We’ll more than likely be keeping it simple and sending one online birth announcement, but I’d love to have the template designed before baby arrives. This way, we can snap a photo and send a quickie announcement in record time — without having to fuss with the design process while sleep-deprived.

7. Designate a mom journal. Whether I order one or create my own, I’d love to have a tiny mom journal for my nightstand to stash quick, 5-second thoughts about my transition into motherhood. I’ll be doing this in lieu of a baby book so our little one can see precisely how crazy she made her parents in the beginning. (Kidding. Probably.)

8. Call a few of my favorite parents. I was lucky enough to be raised in a true village – with dozens of examples of loving, nurturing parents. I’d love to call them before baby arrives, just to thank them for helping to raise me – and to ask them for a bit of pre-advice. Sometimes pride gets in the way once you have your own little goose running around, so I’d love to wise up in advance and store up some of their wisdom before I have a chance to think I’m an expert. (Oh how I wish I were kidding.)

Let’s see how I do, yes? In addition to the average prep (installing car seats, making freezer meals, etc), I’d say I’ve got my work cut out for me. Anything you seasoned mamas would add to the list? Anything you wish you’d prepared for before baby’s arrival?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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