Finding Joy After Tragedy with Ann Curry and #26ActsofKindness

Since the tragedy in Connecticut last Friday, I have tried to stay off social media and away from the news. I saw too many of my friends start fighting with each other with differing views on what they felt needed to be done. Personally, I felt it was too soon, that it was a time to mourn together. I spent the weekend offline and spending some much needed time with my family. But when I finally came back, the news was still there. The arguments still heated. The difference was, now I wanted to do…something. But what?

This morning, as I browsed my Facebook stream, my friend Isra  had linked a new post of hers called The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Newtown, CT #26Acts. She described a random act of kindness, how it made her feel and in turn, how she was inspired on doing the same. This was a movement I wanted to be a part of.

The inspiration behind it all was a post written by Ann Curry. “If you do good, you feel good”, she explained. In her post she states, “There is no judgment. I think that’s the key. If people want to do it, great. But I think that if they do it, something great happens to you.” I think that is my favorite part- No Judgment.

Don’t get me wrong. My opinions on gun control, the health care system and mental health care are very alive and strong. I’m one of those that believes the “right to bear arms” is antiquated and it should be changed, or even repealled. Plus, coming from a someone who dealt with a family member with depression and anxiety issues, I know first hand that we need a major mental health care overhaul. But I know that I need to heal in my own way first. I want to remember that people aren’t all bad. That people can be actually be good to each other. I choose to remember the children and adults who were taken so viciously by doing one random act of kindness  for each.

Ann Curry, I’m in. Who else is with me?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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