Five Animals I’d Like to Be

No, I don’t think about the animal I’d most like to morph into on a regular basis. But when the Enneagram is involved, apparently, things are different.

I was with some friends and we were having a lovely time with a great Enneagram book reading about what numbers we are, and what animal was most represented by that number. From that exercise surged a new conversation: What animal would you most like to be?

Here are five I’d like to be – for five very different reasons.

Jury’s still out on which one wins, for me.

  • The Squirrel 1 of 5
    The Squirrel
    I have a long history with the squirrel. My father has raged a thirty year war against the squirrels in the back yard at my parents' house, trying again and again and again to get the obstinate little guys to leave his beloved garden alone. They are stubborn, though, and wiley, and do not. Perhaps this is the very reason that my husband (a South American with nary a squirrel in sight) is so obsessed with them. Me too. They are resourceful little guys, and I might like to be one.
  • The Cat (Kitty, Preferably) 2 of 5
    The Cat (Kitty, Preferably)
    In my resting state, I am most like a cat naturally. Sarcastic, ironic, solitary, best with a cup of tea, a book, and a nap. Add on to that the eternal cuteness of the Kitty quality (if only I could stay a kitty forever!) and I'd likely have my perfect animal totem.
  • The Bird 3 of 5
    The Bird
    Honestly -- who doesn't want to fly? The thrill of flight is one of the basest human desires, and I am lucky that flying has been an active part of my (active) dream life since I was child. On a near nightly basis, I am flying somewhere in my dreams. I'd like that to happen in real life as well.
  • The Deer 4 of 5
    The Deer
    The deer is an interesting animal that has long fascinated me. Mostly because, apart from Bambi, I don't know what a deer does with his time. Runs gently over grass? Finds pretty flowers to pick at? Sometimes goes on night runs? Sounds pleasurable. Sign me up.
  • The Horse 5 of 5
    The Horse
    Is the horse most similar to a human in terms of its waking life? The horse is the glorious animal that goes everywhere, quickly and beautifully. She lives with her friends, in a house much like our own, and even has a regular diet of human contact to contend with. The horse encompasses all our flight fantasies, and gets to eat a lovely diet of carrots and apples while she's at it.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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