Five Photos I WILL Get of My Kid This Summer

Okay, we’ve talked about Noah’s and my list for getting the most out of our summer. And if you haven’t noticed, summer is very much under way now!

We’ve already been knocking things off of the list, and as we’ve sat scribbling over our summer to-dos, we thought, why not have a summer “photos to-get” list while we’re at it. Kind of like a photo scavenger hunt that makes sure we’re on track for the most fun possible.

Noah agreed that it was a good idea, especially when I told him we could make another digital scrapbook together, something we fell in love with after Wendy’s sponsored us to write a few posts. After a lot of scrunched eyebrows and hmmming and hawing, we came up with a pretty awesome list of about 30 photos.

And while our goal is to do all thirty, we realized it may be trickier than what we can actually do, so we narrowed it down to these five that we WILL do, no matter what.

1) We’re going to get a photo of us at the top of a mountain. It can be any mountain, any height. We’ll find the perfect mountain for Noah’s skill level. For quite some time now he’s heard stories of me going to the tops of the mountains, and this year he wants to say he’s done it too.

2) We’re going to get a photo of Noah buried in sand up to his neck. He saw a picture of his friend buried to her neck on Facebook and decided this was something he really wanted, too.

3) We’re going to get a photo of us holding up a monster-big fish that we caught. We’ve struck out the last few times we went fishing, and Noah’s chomping at the bit to pull in a big one.

4) We’re going to get a photo of us next to “our tree.” Last year we went on a hike together and carved our names into a tree by the trail. Noah’s been dying to go back and find it to see if “the letters turned black” yet.

5) We’re going to get a picture of Noah riding his two-wheeler bike on “somethin’ tough.” He has just recently ditched the training wheels and his little daredevil heart is already pushing him to new thrills!

So, as much as I’d like to sit around here and keep typing out stuff on our list, we’ve gotta go take care of that list!

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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