Five Ways to Be a New You in 2014

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New year, new you. That’s what they say at least, right?

This year, make it a goal to make that old saying actually come true.

Here are 5 ways to be a new you in 2014.

  1. Ditch the negativity. Negativity is like a trap that sucks us all in, wanting to make us feel low and bring everyone else down with us. Resist, resist, resist in order to overcome. No one likes a Negative Nancy, so don’t be the gal in the party with that name-tag on your collar. One tip to try and overcome this is to create a positivity journal — think a gratitude journal, but fill it with positive affirmations and commentary on your life. Over time, it just may make you feel the glass is half full.
  2. Eat better. No, I’m not talking about a fad diet that kicks the holiday pounds in 7 short minutes a day for a measly week. I’m talking about better eating on a daily basis. The kind of eating you know you should be doing but just can’t manage to make yourself do. Ditch the brownie for the oatmeal on your morning Starbucks run. Try a Mocha Lite instead of the Venti grande chai latte bomb you normally order. Make small changes with the aim of one day waking up a different you.
  3. Get out more. There are different ways of getting out, but this one is for those of you who spend a little too much time in the indoor light of an office building, apartment, or house. Try to make it a priority to be outside more on a daily basis. Can you walk for 10 minutes after work? Can you take your exercise routine out of doors? Can you at least roll down the window when driving? Do it, and be happy for it.
  4. Move, move, move. Don’t like exercise? Don’t call it that. Think of it as moving, and make yourself do just a little bit every day. Even if it’s walking up the 3 stories to your apartment as opposed to taking the elevator, you’ll get the blood moving and you’ll feel better. Over time, it will get easier, and your shapely legs will thank you.
  5. Find your peeps, and hang with them. Socializing is something many of us don’t do with intention. Instead, we find ourselves falling into particular ruts and patterns of seeing friends and family who happen to live near us, who happen to work with us, or who happen to show up on our doorstep. In 2014, think a bit bolder and broader about your social circle and make sure you’re making time for those important folks that aren’t necessarily on the tip of your finger.

So what do you think? What am I missing that will help make you a new you in 2014?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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