Food That Looks Like Easter

As we enter the Passover / Easter weekend of goodness, I’m looking for some treat food inspiration. But here’s what’s going on with me. 1.) I’m on a carb detox. 2.) I’m sort of obsessed with eating things that I grow.

This works well (for the most part) in that I’m sort of giving up anything processed right now. I’m making a few exceptions…a cheese product that shall not be named, vodka of almost any kind, and COOL WHIP Whipped Topping. Almost everyone who knows me, and is paying attention, knows that these are three things that I can not live without. And they’re all actually pretty darn low carb.

(Photo from Our Best Bites)

So, this Easter, I’m eating a lot of whipped goodness, and since my garden is in the middle of a growth spurt between winter and summer, I’m looking to Pinterest for my favorite Easter Treat ideas.

Here are the lowish-carb items I’m wanting to make today:

  • Fruit Mousse Minis 1 of 5
    Fruit Mousse Minis
    Oh my gosh, these are cute. How could you not be happy when in the presence of one of these? From Our Best Bites Our Best Bites
  • Snickers Salad 2 of 5
    Snickers Salad
    This exists. From The Family Kitchen The Family Kitchen
  • Fruit Trifle 3 of 5
    Fruit Trifle
    Fruit Trifle. From Yum Sugar. Yum Sugar
  • Happy Frosting 4 of 5
    Happy Frosting
    Such happy Easter frosting. From Whatever. Whatever
  • Easy Easter Cheesecake 5 of 5
    Easy Easter Cheesecake
    I could put my whole face in this. From From Kraft Foods. Kraft Foods

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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