For the Love of Legos














In case you’re not aware, I have five sons.

Yes, five.

This means I am very familiar with strangers asking the question, “Are they ALL yours?” I’m also extremely familiar with the feeling of stepping on little plastic cubes and other random shapes. And you know what?  Legos are such a staple of childhood that they are worth the occasional OUCH (all capitals because it really HURTS!).











What are my boys currently fighting over- I MEAN PLAYING TOGETHER WITH LOVINGLY? The LEGO Batwing Over Gotham set. Who can really blame them? I mean, come on! It’s Batman! Lego Batman!

I love Legos.  I saved my Lego collection from when I was a girl and passed it down when my oldest was 3.  Now it is awesome to watch my boys build entire miniature worlds, create characters, and fashion scenarios with those little bits of molded plastic.

Because, really…Legos are more than just plastic bits, aren’t they? There’s a timelessness and nostalgia about them that make them extra special. In fact, let us count the ways in which we love them (Or, well, five. Five ways).

  • Hones their visual-spatial abilities. 1 of 6
    Hones their visual-spatial abilities.
    Ssssh...that'll help them in school! YES! They are LEARNING! Whee!
  • Great for fine motor skills. 2 of 6
    Great for fine motor skills.
    Those itty bitty pieces don't put themselves together, you know.
  • Fosters crazy amounts of imagination. 3 of 6
    Fosters crazy amounts of imagination.
    "I am King of the Table!"
  • Every kid knows and loves Legos. 4 of 6
    Every kid knows and loves Legos.
    It's the great common denominator; perfect for boys and girls...playdate WINNER.
  • From preschooler to tween, they can all play together. 5 of 6
    From preschooler to tween, they can all play together.
    That makes a happy Mama.
  • BONUS REASON. 6 of 6
    Seriously. Look at that face. What's not to love? Hi, buddy!


We love time lapse videos in our house! Here is my son, Joe, the “Lego Hero’!

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