For Those Who Have Been Hurt Trying to Make Kids Happy: Toys Are Heroes

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This morning while I was cleaning my place, I found several toys whose job is all done. They have lost their heads, feet, and even, their ears have been knotted for ever. But no matter how bad the kids treat them, these guys never complain. They’re always there for them.

Some of them will save their lives (or their plastic), if I find their missing parts by the end of the day. Others will be gone forever.

This post doesn’t really need much wording. Pictures are clear and concise.

All these toys have been great helpers at my task of parenting and they have given my kids a lot of reasons to smile. They have kept my children busy and happy, but we always knew they were not forever.

So before letting them go to the garbage can, I want to dedicate them this photo-shoot to say: Thanks and good-bye guys!

  • Weeks ago she used to be her favorite doll 1 of 12
    Weeks ago she used to be her favorite doll
    Since she got a new barbie, her ex-favorite doll looks devastated
  • Bald 2 of 12
    My daughter pulled out her hair and it came out with a piece from her plastic head. We haven't been able to put her hair back in place. She seems happy anyway.
  • Car 3 of 12
    Forgotten at the back yard with missing parts after so many happy rides.
  • Victimized by the dog 4 of 12
    Victimized by the dog
    She lost her left foot and also her head, after she gave it to the dog for playing dolls with her.
  • Duck 5 of 12
    His eyes are gone after spending several days at the rain. He said ducks need rain water to survive.
  • Orange face 6 of 12
    Orange face
    This doll is a permanent reminder for any parent: DON'T BUY PERMANENT MARKERS FOR YOUR KIDS.
  • Where’s my head? 7 of 12
    Where's my head?
    I'm sorry. I've looking for it the whole morning but it seems we lost it.
  • No feet anymore 8 of 12
    No feet anymore
    Her sneakers were super cute, but they're gone.
  • Hair loss 9 of 12
    Hair loss
    Scissors and a five years old girl are not a good combination.
  • Body painting 10 of 12
    Body painting
    At least her style is fashionable
  • Pig 11 of 12
    No more oink for him after losing his pink skin.
  • Short ears 12 of 12
    Short ears
    His ears are knotted forever. I'm not sure who did it, but I know there's no way to undo the knot.

They can destroy all that they touch, but by the end of the day they become angels back again.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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