Five Ways to Live a Better Day

There is no one on this wide earth that doesn’t want a better day, and yet learning how to craft better days — consistently — is a challenge we all struggle with. I love reading about how I can wake up, get going, and live better, and every day find new inspiration and motivation from simple (sometimes obvious) ideas.

Here are five of my tried-and-true favorite ways to live a better day. Each and every day.

Again and again, I find that when I build these four activities into my day, I end up coming away feeling better and brighter at the day’s end.

  • Eat Well 1 of 5
    Eat Well
    The importance of what we put in our bodies cannot be underestimated, and my own efforts to radically change my diet this year have showed me the importance of this strategy in making us feel (and look) better. Wherever you are right now, you can eat better. Think about ways to incorporate healthier foods into your daily diet, and make healthy foods a priority. Even just a few additions -- a healthy smoothie, saying NO to a plate of fries -- can make extraordinary strides in your health and wellness.
  • Get Moving 2 of 5
    Get Moving
    We learned the importance of exercise for the first time when our mothers let us loose to run wild at the park in the afternoon - with the hope that we'd be "tired out" by the end of the day. Let this same principle apply to you as an adult. Get moving. Turns out, it doesn't just tire you out at the end the day (and make you sleep better!) but it rejuvenates you in the process.
  • Go Outside 3 of 5
    Go Outside
    Nature is key for me. When I want a good day, a simple addition I can make is to add in a walk outside. Even 3 minutes on a balcony staring at potted plant in front of a cityscape will do (in a pinch). Nature in some form is a great way to give us happier days.
  • Take Time for Yourself 4 of 5
    Take Time for Yourself
    With all the demands we face on a daily basis, it's likely that the idea of taking time for yourself has become about as important as cleaning out the oven. (Read: NOT IMPORTANT). But that's not at all how it should be. We all need time for ourselves to recharge and refresh so that we can better face the tasks that life requires of us. And remember, moms aren't the only ones who need time for themselves. No matter what season of life you are in, this is a needed addition to any good day. Make it happen and you'll thank yourself.
  • Look Up 5 of 5
    Look Up
    And don't forget to look up. At the sky, at the clouds, at the bigger picture. Look up, and think big.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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