Things You Really Should Put In Your Face: The French Edition

I’ll admit: Being an Android user, I never understood the Instagram craze. I saw all the pictures on Twitter and Facebook but I didn’t really get it, until I got it. Last week, Instagram became Android compatible and while I fancy myself fairly fad-immune, this one is completely p0wning me.

Why? Because holy crap, the food porn.

You know you want it.

I’m never, ever going to keep my DSLR in the kitchen, because I am entirely to clumsy and awkward to put anything that valuable near me and flames. However, that French Toast up there needs to be shared with the world, and wowzas does Instagram make it look pretty.

Recipe for food porn:

  • Kitchen table
  • Natural light
  • Instagram Amaro filter


Recipe for food:

  • 6 eggs
  • some heavy cream
  • scoop of brown sugar
  • lots of cinnamon
  • an unreasonable amount of ground nutmeg
  • a good splunk of vanilla extract


Whisk all of that up, pour into a shallow pan or dish. Dip big ol’ fat slices of Texas toast in the eggs, cook on a skillet on no higher than medium or you will have caramelized french toast, which sounds good until you try to chew it. Make sure you let it cook long enough to cook all the way through.

Drown in butter, top with blueberries. Die happy. The end.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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