From Angry Birds to Star Wars, 8 Easy Birthday Cake Ideas Boys Will Love

Bad Piggies CupcakesThe best cake I ever had was on my 8th birthday. I don’t remember if it was vanilla or chocolate or even if it tasted good, but I remember what it looked like. It was the cake version of a Holly Hobbie doll. I couldn’t believe that my mom had found something so perfect.

Now that I have kids, I try to recreate that magic on their very special days. For my older son’s 9th birthday party, I made Angry Birds cupcakes and my husband made a standing sling shot and painted balls to look like Angry Birds for a real life Angry Birds game. For a camping themed party, we made a tent piñata and I made S’mores cupcakes.

Here are some of the cakes and cupcakes I’ve made for my kids over the years plus a few other fun ideas for boys.


  • Angry Birds Cupcakes 1 of 8
    Angry Birds Cupcakes
    These vanilla and chocolate cupcakes were decorated with marshmallows, gummy heart candy, and black icing color.
  • Princess Leia Cupcakes 2 of 8
    Princess Leia Cupcakes
    I'm in love with this Princess Leia Cupcake from justJENN Recipes.. She obviously has some killer decorating skills. Princess Leia's buns are made from Oreos.
  • Donut Birthday Cake 3 of 8
    Donut Birthday Cake
    Here is a cake for the birthday boy who doesn't like cake. Sarah Auerswald of Sarah and Sons started by placing five donuts on a round dish, then layering 3, then 2, and one at the top.
  • Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Birthday Cake 4 of 8
    Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Birthday Cake
    If you're like me and don't have the artistic skills to make a Hogwartz Castle Cake then the Nimbus 2000 Cake is for you. I made a triangle shaped layer cake with butterscotch frosting for the broom and cupcakes for the handle.
  • S’mores Cupcakes 5 of 8
    S'mores Cupcakes
    We had a camping themed party for my son and he wanted brownies instead of cake. These are Ghirardelli brownies topped with marshmallow fluff with a toasted marshmallow on top. They're definitely not health food, but they were a hit with the kids and adults alike.
  • Rock Climbing Birthday Cake 6 of 8
    Rock Climbing Birthday Cake
    The Rock Climbing Birthday Cake is the world's easiest cake to make look interesting. I baked two 9-inch cakes, cut one cake in half and placed it on the bottom. Then made each layer slightly smaller up to the top. I frosted once in a jagged way to look like rock and to hold the cake together. I frosted again and used jelly bellys for the foot holds.
  • Lego Birthday Cake 7 of 8
    Lego Birthday Cake
    This was easy and loved by the kids. I put a light layer of frosting on the top of 6 cupcakes and then turned them upside down onto the cake and frosted all of it together. I also made a matching piñata with upside down single serve apple sauce cups for the pegs.
  • Airplane Birthday Cake 8 of 8
    Airplane Birthday Cake
    This Airplane Cake was the first one I ever made for my kids so I took the easy route and used a cake mold.


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