From Babymoon to Family-of-Five Vacation in Just Seven Years

Seven years ago, my husband and I went to Aruba. I was about five months pregnant with our first baby.

(And yet probably STILL about 25 pounds lighter than I am today. Grumblesagskinsneckfat.)

I guess it was a “babymoon,” even though I kind of hate that term. But it was our last big vacation hurrah. After this, we assumed, it would be nothing but the occasional trip to the Maryland shore or other super-kid-friendly, super-low-key destinations. Nothing too far away, nothing too ambitious. Someday we’d go to Walt Disney World Resort. Someday after that, if we’re lucky, we’d maybe go back to the Caribbean as retirees and/or grandparents.


And then Babble was all, “Hey, Westin Hotels & Resorts wants send you guys to Aruba for a few days. Cool?”


Cool. Yes.

Our “someday” suddenly became “today.” Now. Three small children and all. Expedite the baby’s passport and get on the plane. Westin Aruba Resort & Casino, here we come. All of us. A giant herd of tornado, galumpfing through your lobby and hallways.

I admit there were moments before we left when I was TOTALLY looking our gift horse in the mouth, wondering what in sam hill we were thinking, because the plane! (Multiple planes! Plural planes!) And the baby and the diapers and the sunscreen and the water and the picky eater and the suddenly-scared-of-his-own-shadow preschooler!

I don’t even take all three of my children to the GROCERY STORE, you guys. And now I was going to drag them through airports and customs? Chase after them on the beach and at the pool? Put them to sleep in strange beds and negotiate meal after meal at hotel restaurants? Attempt to find activities that make everybody happy, which is already downright impossible here at home most of the time?

Yep. I did. All of that.

I have a lot of beautiful photos from that other trip to Aruba. A handful of my husband and I, yes, but mostly we photographed the palm trees, the pristine blue water, colorful boats and our feet half-buried in the sand. We went snorkeling and took hundreds of similar-looking shots of fish and coral with some disposable underwater cameras. And for some reason I thought we needed a lot of photos of our beach palupa, since that’s probably where we spent 80% of the trip.

Not gonna lie: I think we got much better pictures this time.

Much more to come, so stay tuned.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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