From The Classroom to the Boardroom: 8 Tips From School To Help You Score!

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I was talking with a friend of mine recently when the subject of job searching came up.  She had gone to a dinner party with about a dozen women a few weekends prior. They were all her age (mid-40’s) and more than half of them were out of work. Of course that was bad, but perhaps the most sobering part was that they hadn’t really done anything to lose their jobs. They hadn’t been caught stealing, they weren’t padding expense reports and their performance reviews had all been fine.

Nope, they were victims of the economy and technology which didn’t make them feel any better and worse, but didn’t offer a whole lot of promising prospects.

I know that feeling. I know what it’s like to go into work one day, only to have the rug pulled out from under you.


Out on your tail.


It’s not fun, not even a little bit. But there is a glimmer of hope in that I do believe we are in charge of what happens next.

I have a number of friends on Facebook and in real life, who are experiencing this very thing. Some have taken the challenges, learned from them, grown, moved on and are now charting their own career paths which are infinitely more fulfilling than what they were doing. I count myself as one of those people. Then there’s another group of friends who are perpetually unhappy, waiting for something to happen and complaining at every turn because it’s not.

But here’s the thing; turning things around can be as simple as remembering the things we learned a few years back. SO here it is, a primer on the skills you learned in the classroom that can take you to the boardroom and beyond.


  • Classroom Tip 1: Be Enthusiastic Every day 1 of 8
    Classroom Tip 1: Be Enthusiastic Every day
    Have you ever watched how kids wake up? For the most part, they're wide-eyed and happy, ready to attack the day. Everything in the world is fresh and new to them and they appreciate just having a chance to experience it. photo credit: timparkinson/flickr
  • Classroom Tip 2: Learn To Be Fearless 2 of 8
    Classroom Tip 2: Learn To Be Fearless
    The trick to taming this, I have discovered, is recognizing and calling it what it is. It's okay to admit that we are worried about a new job or terrified of making fools of ourselves. Courage, as John Wayne said, is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. photo credit: Organic Haus/flickr
  • Classroom Tip 3: Assume The Best Of People 3 of 8
    Classroom Tip 3: Assume The Best Of People
    There are two things about my friends that honestly worry me and this is one of them. Yes, I know they took a bad bounce; a lot of people do. But it's what we choose to do with it that counts. Too many of my friends have chosen to see the glass as half empty and those holding them as pure evil. photo credit: charlesarcher/flickr
  • Classroom Tip 4: Embrace New Routines 4 of 8
    Classroom Tip 4: Embrace New Routines
    The other tip that my intractable friends have forgotten, is how to embrace new routine. The world is different now than it was in their previous jobs. Now technology has changed the way we communicate, among other things. But they refuse to learn the new and wonder why they're being left behind. photo credit: USDAgov/flickr
  • Classroom Tip 5: Be Curious 5 of 8
    Classroom Tip 5: Be Curious
    Look at that kid staring at a leaf. A LEAF! He is absorbing every detail, vein, weather-worn part of nature's artwork. When was the last time you soaked up learning, about ANYTHING, like that? photo credit: cooperlewter.courtney/flickr
  • Classroom Tip 6: Understand Learning Is Not Linear 6 of 8
    Classroom Tip 6: Understand Learning Is Not Linear
    My friends have severely limited their job search to only those positions that they used to have. Don't overlook a roundabout way to get back into the work force. If you have time, how about volunteer work? They need the help and you can keep your resume fresh. And hey, you never know where it might lead. photo credit: tbballgirl03/flickr
  • Classroom Tip 7: Sign Up For Extra Credit 7 of 8
    Classroom Tip 7: Sign Up For Extra Credit
    Extra credit=going above and beyond to get the job done. In this day and age (and economy), those who do the bare minimum don't stand out. be hungry, work hard, get noticed. photo credit: Onyx23/flickr
  • Classroom Tip 8: Remember The Rule Of The Sandbox 8 of 8
    Classroom Tip 8: Remember The Rule Of The Sandbox
    Awww, yes, let's end on this one, shall we? Along with The Golden Rule, there is this one, critical to success in the workforce. The Rule of The Sandbox is getting along well with others. I would add to that, being someone others want to be around as well as a team player. Who can say no to an employee who brings that? photo credit: nataliegoes/flickr


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