Awesome Little Girl Scream-Sings Frozen Song Through Splinter Removal

We’ve all had to teach ourselves and our kids how to go to our happy place on occasion when we’re going through emotional or physical pain. A little girl named Francesca has totally nailed it.

We've all been there (splinters hurt!) but this is self-soothing brilliance with Frozen's Do You Want To Build a SnowmanWhile getting a splinter out by her mom, Francesca goes to her happy place by singing a rousing rendition of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” from Frozen.

By rousing, of course, we mean screaming-through-tears hilarious. Oh, poor Francesca. We love you and your fierce self-soothing skills.

Francesca’s mom? She is fantastic in this clip.

Not only does Francesca control the urge to wrench away from her mom’s helping hands and make the situation worse, Francesca’s mom keeps a cool head and demonstrates a sense of humor.

A sense of humor may be the single most powerful tool a parent has in their parenting skill toolbox.

In this precious clip, we see Francesca’s mom appreciate and encourage her daughter’s self-soothing tactic (as does the quick-thinking cameraman) and get the job done. Most importantly, she does so while clearly emanating a positive and positively in-control attitude. I couldn’t love this more.

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Grace under fire. Well done, Francesca’s mom. Particularly when the fire is your hilariously determined little girl pushing through the pain of a splinter. We’ve all been there but this tops ’em all.

Even Anna agrees:

h/t to Ryan Seacrest for finding Kristen Bell’s tweet

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Impressed with the soothing nature of the Frozen soundtrack for Francesca? She’s not alone. Check out firefighters singing “Let It Go” to calm a scared child.

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