Fun April Fool’s Jokes

My grandmother was the QUEEN of April Fool’s jokes, and her family was her favorite target. She also loved making food, so looking back, it makes sense that almost all of her best pranks were food related. My Gram got such a kick out of making us laugh, and we loved her silly jokes on us. These were some of the best ones she pulled over the years.

  • Frosted Sponge 1 of 7
    Frosted Sponge
    My grandma loved this one. She'd take a large sponge (like the kind you'd wash your car with) and cover it with chocolate frosting. She'd then ask my mom or dad to cut the cake, and cackle when the knife wouldn't cut through the sponge.
  • Fake Fruit Punch 2 of 7
    Fake Fruit Punch
    We rarely got juice in our house, so this should have been the first clue something was up. My grandma would fill a glass with water and red fruit coloring, then put it in front of us and say, "Here's some fruit juice!" It always took us a few sips before we realized we were only drinking water!
  • Frozen Cereal 3 of 7
    Frozen Cereal
    One year my gram put cereal bowls in front of us and told us breakfast was served. We dug our spoons into the cereal only to discover there was a thin layer of cereal covering ICE. My grandma had filled the bowls 3/4 with water, then stuck the bowls in the freezer until the water froze. She then covered the ice with cereal and giggled when we tried to eat our breakfast.
  • Colored Water 4 of 7
    Colored Water
    My grandmother loved pulling this one on us, and did it year after year. She'd simply take some Easter Egg dying tablets and slip them under the filter in our kitchen faucet. In my life, I have washed my hands with green, red, yellow, and blue water.
  • Switching Cereal 5 of 7
    Switching Cereal
    My grandmother fooled my dad with this one year after year. She'd simply switch around the bags of cereal inside the boxes, so when my dad thought he was pouring Wheaties, out came Cherrios. Luckily, he was a good sport about it!
  • Dyed Cereal 6 of 7
    Dyed Cereal
    Another year, my grandmother put bowls of dried cereal in front of us, then handed us the milk to pour in ourselves. What we didn't know is that she'd placed drops of food coloring below the cereal, and when we poured in the milk the entire bowl filled with colored milk!
  • Dessert Grilled Cheese 7 of 7
    Dessert Grilled Cheese
    This is a prank I am pleased to say I thought of on my own, and pulled it on my dad a few years ago. It looks like a regular grilled cheese sandwich, but it's actually pound cake and dyed frosting. You can read how I pulled it off here.

What are some of your favorite April Fool’s jokes?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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