Fun For The Whole Family:Retro Toys For Your Modern Tot

Spending the weekend with my sister and her family, I was gifted a stunning set of earrings by my oldest niece:

SHRINKY DINKS! Be still my inner-child. It’s like my new jewels opened a flood gate of memories of awesome toys from my childhood that I’d forgotten existed. Enter an afternoon full of reminiscing about the precious playthings that caused some of the most epic sibling battles of my youth, and the retro-fabulous TV commercials that went with them.

Only, my 70s-born Sister and Brother-in-law and my 80s-born husband and self have been debating which decade some of these brilliant inventions belong to (feel free to weigh in). Whether Disco or Aquanet was wafting through the air  – below are some of my favorite old school toys that might just manage to still thrill your kiddos in this digitally addled age. Shall we?

  • Shrinky Dinks 1 of 11
    Shrinky Dinks
    Possibly my all-time favorite, and the toy that launched this trip down memory lane, these creative goodies are just as fun now as you remember them! [BUY SOME!]
  • ViewMaster 2 of 11
    The ultimate in analog. I was reminded of the educational and novelty value of these mini-theaters when Epiphanie Bags genius-ly used one as their press kit this year. [BUY ONE!]
  • Madballs 3 of 11
    They're gross looking and squishy.
    That's better than an iPad FOR SURE. [BUY SOME!]
  • Lincoln Logs 4 of 11
    Lincoln Logs
    Inspire your own tiny architect and flex your creative muscles.
    Lincoln Logs have entertained kids since the days of Honest Abe. [BUY THEM!]
  • Rock Tumblr 5 of 11
    Rock Tumblr
    I was a science nerd growing up, and my best friend's shiny-treasure-yielding rock tumbler was totally more satisfying then my benign chemistry set. [BUY ONE!]
  • Pogo Ball 6 of 11
    Pogo Ball
    Less creaky than a Pogo Stick, less dangerous than a skateboard, my only question is how fast can I get one of these off eBay?
    [BUY ONE!]
  • Lite Brite 7 of 11
    Lite Brite
    Still being in production doesn't make a toy not retro! And I'm always amazed with the stuff people can do with one of these bad boys.
    [BUY ONE!]
  • Tinker Toys 8 of 11
    Tinker Toys
    Totally not the same as Lincoln Logs. Don't even front.
    [BUY THEM!]
  • Speak and Spell 9 of 11
    Speak and Spell
    A little retro interactivity will help your kids understand just HOW we lived before smart phones. [BUY ONE!]
  • Koosh 10 of 11
    Unfortunately, anyone who's ever tried to pull out their old Koosh for their kiddo knows these things don't exactly keep well, but there's no shame in grabbing a new one and handing your tot a tiny little tactile wonderland. [BUY ONE!]
  • Marbleworks 11 of 11
    What better way to keep your kiddos captivated for hours? HOURS. [BUY IT!]

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