It was not my intention to procrastinate making my son’s Halloween costume.

He told me a few weeks ago that he wanted to be Kermit the Frog. I was surprised and happy that after years of being a Power Ranger or Darth Vader or Captain Rex (“From the Clone Wars, MOM!”) he wanted to be something so kind and gentle and goofy. So I started thinking about how to do it.

I did some research and didn’t find a good costume for sale, and there’s no pattern left in print.  My next instinct was to buy plain green long johns, but the only ones I could find were a price that only Gwyneth Paltrow would find acceptable. So then I looked for plain white long johns that I could dye green. Which apparently are not a hot item anymore because I looked at store site after store site (I’m looking at you, LL Bean and Lands End) but couldn’t find them. Being friends with a zillion librarians has its privileges, though, and one of them found me a pair. It turned out to be part polyester, though, and therefore not good for dying.

Then someone told me that costume stores sell things called “morph suits” that are plain suits that come in colors (including green) that you can use as a costume base. Unfortunately, none of the 8 costume stores I tried in a tri-state region had green morph suits in children’s sizes left in stock.

So I moved on to Plan D (D? Maybe E?) and bought green knit fabric to sew a long john-esque base myself. Plus the fabric for the headpiece and neck ruffle.

This afternoon I unpacked my sewing machine (still in the box from the move) and plugged it in and started to sew the hems of the pants and—it bunched up and chewed up the fabric. Tension problems. And then I remembered–that machine has had tension problems for the last five years, and even paying $171 to get it serviced four years ago didn’t help. Which explains why I never did make those throw pillows I had big plans for.

So I bought a new sewing machine. For radically less money than I spent on getting the old one serviced. And it’s up and running and I have the top and the bottoms finished and now all I have to do is figure out how to resize the pattern for the headpiece that some kind soul put on the internet and then cut the pieces and sew them and figure out how to put the googly eyes on and do the neck ruffle. Forever and ever amen.

I am so, so grateful that my older son boycotts costumes and trick or treating, so all I have is to finish Kermit.

Is anyone else finishing up at the last minute like I am?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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