Geeky holiday crafts [slideshow]

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Some of the earliest press coverage described Parent Hacks as “the perfect blog for geeky parents.” I took this to mean Parent Hacks appealed to an intelligent, practical, problem-solving crowd. Many of my readers at the time had tech backgrounds because blog-reading was still relatively unheard-of beyond devoted Internet-dwellers. Most parents didn’t even know what blogs were.

Well, here we are in late 2011. Blogs are almost as everyday as the newspaper, and all sorts of folks hang out in the comment section. But I’m as connected to my blog’s geeky roots as ever. And I’m married to a geek. And our second date was a Star Trek convention (it was tongue-in-cheek, but still). And I bought a LEGO Star Wars advent calendar even though we celebrate Hanukkah. And my husband and I were invited to a gaming conference to speak on a panel called “Geek Parenting.”

I guess that makes me a little geeky myself.

So, to celebrate the season, I’d like to share a few craft projects fellow geeks will appreciate. It doesn’t have to be all Santas and holly, after all.

  • Golden Snitch ornament 1 of 7
    Golden Snitch ornament
    Charming craft for Potter-philes. But be careful: hang this ornament too low and a kid may try to grab it...toppling the whole tree. How to: Tiny Apartment Crafts (via Craft:)
  • Sparkleball decoration 2 of 7
    Sparkleball decoration
    Plastic drink cups, mini lights and zip ties magically transform into this lovely holiday decoration. Tutorial at Instructables.
  • Gingerbread robots 3 of 7
    Gingerbread robots
    Cutout cookies are an endlessly flexible medium. These are delicious Daleks (robot meanies from the TV series Dr. Who). Tutorial at (use your favorite gingerbread recipe).
  • Star Wars napkin rings 4 of 7
    Star Wars napkin rings
    Set a geeky holiday table with these felt napkin rings! Created by Bonnie Burton, author of the adorable Star Wars Craft Book. Tutorial at The Official Star Wars Blog.
  • Shrinky Dink ornaments 5 of 7
    Shrinky Dink ornaments
    Pictured here: a cell phone charm my husband made using Shrinky Dink plastic and Sharpies. But it could just as easily decorate a Christmas tree! No tutorial necessary, but here's my original post about it at Parent Hacks.
  • Hanukkah ‘droidl’ 6 of 7
    Hanukkah 'droidl'
    A papercraft dreidl inspired by R2-D2. The original post is no longer available, but I found the directions and printable template in the Wayback Machine.
  • Social media ornaments 7 of 7
    Social media ornaments
    Erica Smith makes these clever ornaments out of craft foam and sells them in her Etsy shop Live & Kern.

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The giveaway has ended, and the winner will be notified by email. Thank you to all who entered!

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