Today is a day we all know well.

And yet, some folks are trying to turn a day we all known well on its head. To turn this day into another day. And not just any other day. But a better, brighter, smarter day of giving that people the world over can look at and say: THAT DAY. THAT DAY IS THE ONE I WANT FOR MY FAMILY-HOME-COUNTRY.

Today, for some of us, is Generosity Day.

The message?

Valentine’s Day has lost its way. It’s become about puppies and hearts and chocolate candies no one eats and no one ever wanted to. It’s become a time to fight for table space at the local bistro only to end up spending $60 a head on a meal that cost half that any other day of the week. It’s a time of stress and annoyance for singles and couples alike, and a time for folks who have always decried the materialism of holidays in general to throw up their hands and say, “DIDN’T I SAY IT WAS ENOUGH ALREADY?!?”

Because it is, especially on Valentine’s Day.

There are good things of course. The tiny toddlers passing sick-sweet hearts to their tiny toddler friends, the elderly couples walking hand in hand, the heart shaped cake made for the sweetest pooch (not smooch) around. But those things, the good things, could be had on other days, too. And should be had every day, if we’re counting.

Today is a day to be generous. To you, and me, and everyone.

So go ahead, spread generosity.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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