Geography Lessons

Watching the Olympics, I’ve come to the realization that my geography knowledge is a little lacking.  A couple times, I’ve had to google a country to learn where it’s located.  Every time I’ve been curious, I’ve looked up information about the country.  What I should have been doing, however, is sharing this information with my kids because their geography skills . . . oh boy!

When I was cleaning out my closet a couple weeks ago, I found a few school papers that had strayed from their respective boxes. Among them was this gem from Clayton. He wrote this paper a couple years ago. I’ll copy it in plain English here (in case you don’t speak First Grader).

My Trip to America from Alabama
by Clayton Meehan

DATE: 2010
PLACE: Alabama

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were four states battling. I was so scared. I hid under my bed and then I heard my mom. She said, “Are you coming?”

I said, “Where?”

She said, “To America, duh.”


“To get away from the war.”

“Okay. I can’t spend one last minute in here. It’s so not fun. There’s nothing to do.”

It’s puzzling to me. How could Clayton write such a thing? I mean, it’s understandable how he might think Alabama is another country, but why did he write a line with me saying ‘duh’ to him? Now, does that really sound like something I’d say? I don’t talk like that, duh!

Please don’t be offended, Alabamians. I know you’ve been part of this country since the war of 2010.

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