Get Ready For The Oscars: Theres An App For That!

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Free Oscars app

For years I have watched the Oscars®, no matter where I was. Before it was all about the movies, but now I admit I also watch the Academy Awards to see what the stars are wearing. After all, the Oscars red carpet has turned into one giant fashion show full of couture gowns, elegance and major fashion mishaps (remember Bjork?).

My daughter, despite only being 7 years old, also begs to watch awards shows just because she wants to see who looks the prettiest of them all. The Academy Awards is top on her list since it’s the dressiest event. She’s a budding fashionista and I can proudly say that she has a great eye; usually those on her best-dressed list are the experts’ favorites. Last year, her favorite was Michelle Williams in a red Louis Vuitton peplum dress. Little did I know that my daughter had realized there was a trend alert right there; peplums were huge in 2012.

For me the Oscars are special because they recognize all the hard work that goes into film-making. This year I am rooting for Argo for Best Picture, even if the Academy shunned Ben Affleck in the Best Director category. Sofía, my daughter, wants Brave to win in the Best Animated Feature Film Category. The Best Actress category will be a tough one. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was the star of Silver Linings Playbook (although I wasn’t too crazy about the film itself) and I’m crossing my fingers for her.

Now that Twitter and social media are part of our everyday lives, I confess to simultaneously watch most awards shows using both my TV and my iPhone. This year I will be adding one more thing to the mix (I guess I like to multitask): the official Oscars app. Yep. There’s an app for that.

I downloaded it for free here and it’s pretty cool. You can connect it to your Twitter or Facebook account, predict who will win, review the nominees in each category, watch snippets from the nominated films and on February 24, even watch the red carpet arrivals. In case you don’t remember what stars wore last year, the app has highlights from last year, plus other galleries showing the best dressed couples and how style has evolved over the years.

But the Oscars are really about the art of film-making and this app doesn’t forget it. If you tap on the video category, there are backstage pass highlights, sneak peeks, interviews, and dozens of other videos. If you love film, the video section in itself is a gem.

Do you watch the Oscars? Or do you only watch the red carpet arrivals? Please share your thoughts.

A big thanks to Disney for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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