Getting Cozy and Comfortable with Xbox 360

SO STYLISH LITTLE AVATAR!Cody is currently two hours south attending a real live IU basketball game in Bloomington, Indiana which left me alone to make friends with my Xbox 360 tonight. We’ve had it for about 6 months now and up until this campaign all I’ve really done is turn it on, play games and turn it off. Tonight I decided that Xbox and I were going to take it to second, maybe even third base. I signed up for an Xbox LIVE account, I customized my avatar (I look adorable) and I did some serious poking around into Xbox’s features.

I figured out how to delete the two accounts I accidentally set up before I knew what I was doing (Settings > Storage > Xbox > Gamer Profiles > Select and Delete) and I now have a unique gamertag (nerd alert!) and I even signed up for a month of Xbox Gold, just to get the full experience.

Here’s the thing, we have two other game systems. A Wii we’ve had since 2008, a PS3 Cody bought himself last year and now an Xbox 360 with Kinect, so if anyone is qualified to have an opinion on gaming systems? It’s my family.

I love our Wii, but it has its limits compared to an Xbox 360 with Kinect. I love dance games, and while they are fun on both systems, I find myself cheating on the Wii as opposed to the Xbox 360. Why move your whole body when you can get away with just moving your arm? The PS3 is Cody’s baby, I don’t go near the thing to be perfectly honest. The controller feels weird in my hand, the menu isn’t as visually intuitive as the Xbox 360 menu and I don’t like the games Cody has (super boring shoot shoot bang bang throw the football games.) If I’m going to have a game system it’s going to have games I can (easily) play with Addie. Addie inherited my grace and poise but my total fumble fingers when it comes to video game controllers. Give us a game we can physically run around and jump to? Sold. Give us one where we have to hit L+R+^+> to run and jump? We’ll be over there having a tea party, thank you.

Here’s another thing about the Xbox 360 I didn’t realize until tonight, you can actually download game previews of almost any Xbox 360 game available, including Kinect games. They’re not just crummy commercials either, they’re actual demos where you can play several levels of a game to really get a feel for how it works and moves along. Ever buy a game thinking it’s going to be amazing only to realize there’s so much lame story and plot line that you just end up staring at the screen for 15 minutes at a time? Yeah, me too. I want to be able to go straight into a game and have it be fun. Tonight I downloaded a demo of Harry Potter for Kinect. I caught a golden snitch (after punching Slytherin’s seeker), I rode a cart through Gringott’s vault and I cast spells on Death Eaters. Considering I fall into a bit of a witch or wizard fantasy whenever I read or watch Harry Potter? This is a completely natural extension for any fan. The other great feature is that if I did decide that Harry Potter was totally the game for me, I could buy and download it immediately to the console and play it until the sun came up rather than waiting to drive to a store that may or may not have it in the morning.

Xbox and I got pretty cozy tonight, I’m not going to lie, I really liked it.

We have another hot date planned for this weekend. I may even let Cody come along.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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