Getting Engaged at Walt Disney World Like a Boss

I’m a total sucker for a good love story. Add in a proposal at the happiest place on Earth and I’m ready with my bucket of popcorn and the ugly-crying. Which is why, when I saw the photos of Nick and Karina’s Disney proposal I had to ask them about it…

  • Step 1. Business as usual 1 of 12
    Step 1. Business as usual
  • Step 2. Laying of the flowers 2 of 12
    Step 2. Laying of the flowers
  • Step 3. Drop the BOMB! 3 of 12
    Step 3. Drop the BOMB!
  • Step 4. Ask the QUESTION 4 of 12
    Step 4. Ask the QUESTION
  • Step 5. Slip the ring 5 of 12
    Step 5. Slip the ring
  • Step 6. Get the answer 6 of 12
    Step 6. Get the answer
  • Step 7. Celebrate 7 of 12
    Step 7. Celebrate
  • Step 8. Celebrate some more, dammit! 8 of 12
    Step 8. Celebrate some more, dammit!
  • Step 9. Notice the rest of the world 9 of 12
    Step 9. Notice the rest of the world
  • Step 10. Mark the occasion 10 of 12
    Step 10. Mark the occasion
  • Step 11. Let it sink in 11 of 12
    Step 11. Let it sink in
  • Step 12. Soak it up! 12 of 12
    Step 12. Soak it up!

Check out more about Karina’s profession here!

Nick Ross and Karina Garcia met through a mutual friend while playing a monthly game of “Muggle Quidditch” (an adaption of the popular game in Harry Potter, but without flying broomsticks) at the University of Central Florida. Though they were on the same team, Nick and Karina barely spoke a word to each other. A couple of weeks later they hung out, again with the mutual friend, and really hit it off. WIN!

“I had only known her for such a short time, but we just fit together like life-long friends,” Nick said. “I am lucky to have have her as not only my significant other, but also as my best friend.”

Nick decided the proposal had to be at Disney because it had always been a big part of both of their lives. Karina’s choice to study advertising was in response to a trip to Disney’s Ad Agency.

Disney ended up becoming an important part of the couple’s relationship. Their first date was Disney’s Fort Wilderness where they took a walk and watched the fireworks from the dock. It’s like a 80’s teen drama! Nick first told Karina he loved her at the Disney park, too. Their picture was displayed on the castle during “The Magic, The Memories, and You” show at the Magic Kingdom. Nick knew that it was the perfect place to someday propose. IT WAS LIKE FATE OR SOMETHING…

An elaborate plan was concocted where they’d show up a tad later than their friends and family but it ended up backfiring when circumstances caused the couple a two-hour arrival delay at the park. Friends and family wouldn’t be deterred, and still carried out the plan that had been set in place months before.

“The plan was to arrive at the Magic Kingdom, head down Main Street and take a photo, like we always do. Except, this time, it would be a bit more magical,” Nick explained.

When Karina and Nick stood getting their photo taken by a photographer, friends and family began placing flowers around the couple in a circle around them. Nick turned to Karina, shaking. Karina seemed to be so surprised by the ring he began to pull out of his jean pockets that she didn’t even notice the circle of flowers being placed at her feet.

“When she said ‘yes’ I was overcome with a level of happiness I had never felt before,” Nick said.

A round of applause from a growing crowd around the couple brought Nick back to himself after the proposal. It took him the rest of the day to realize that months of planning and hiding the ring so Karina couldn’t find it had finally culminated in that magical experience. He said he was lucky and blessed to have such great friends and family to pull off his proposal idea.

Nick and Karina hope to continue their love of Disney in their future together. The couple’s dream honeymoon, which may be a bit out of reach at the moment, is to visit California and Disneyland. Even if they don’t get their dream honeymoon though, they plan on sharing the magic of Disney with their future children.

See, there is nothing like a good love story. Best wishes to Nick and Karina for their future wedding, honeymoon, and magical life together. Guess my Eiffel Tower proposal story is chopped liver by now…

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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