Getting Ready for a Family Computer

Blue Sunny SkyThe time has arrived. My son asked for his own computer. (And you can possibly own one too. WAIT FOR IT.)

I was wondering when that would happen. He’s eight-and-a-half years old.

I knew this was coming and I said I would discuss it with his dad. Writing about it now, the decision and planning to bring this new computer into our family has become much what I would expect bringing a pet would be like (okay, I’m exaggerating; it’s a less complicated). Yes, we could get a family computer, unbox it, set-it up and be done, but I am deliberately making this process a “big deal” and slowing it down a bit all because I want my son to realize that getting to use a computer is a privilege, not a right and with it comes responsibilities of being a “bigger boy.”

Here are some of the steps we have taken so far for bringing this computer into our family:

1) Choosing a Computer
First off, my son asked for a laptop. I said no for a couple of reasons… expense, online safety, gear protection (no broken laptops!). When I said it would have to be a desktop, my son didn’t oppose. I like to cuddle in bed with my laptop and at his age he should still be cuddling with a teddy bear. Anyhow, in a case of you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up, I was approached the next day by Babble to receive for review the new Dell Inspiron One 2320 Touch Computer. I explained to my son that it’s a computer that you can touch, like a giant iPad, but you just can’t carry around with you. He was all, can we put it in my room?

UPDATE & SURPRISE: you may possibly own one too! I’m giving away this same computer to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment on this or my other upcoming posts on this Dell computer. (See the giveaway rules below).

2) Deciding Where The Family Computer Lives
But I have come to know better. The first rule of internet safety for kids is keeping their computer in a high-trafficked place in the home. So, as basic as it may sound, I’m doing a little bit of redecorating in my home to accommodate for the new family computer.

My husband and I decided it’s going to go in the family room which is location central in my home. Luckily the new computer has built in wireless so it can pick up the signal from our wireless router, since our family room is not wired for internet.

3) Strategically Placing the Computer Desk
I also decided that we would buy a computer desk and have it looking out a sunny window. The thought that my son would be faced with bright sky, foliage and the image of the outdoors as he is on the computer is my subtle poke-in-his-eye that perhaps he could be outside playing on his scooter or bicycle. As much as I love me my technology, I’m not going to let him forget that when the sun is shining (directly in his face) that is really where he should be.

Also, my couch is right next to where the new computer desk will sit. That’s where I plan on parking my tush when he goes online. Yep, I’ll be monitoring from there. I’ll probably be on my Kindle reading or on my laptop casually glancing sideways like a modern day mama bear.

Speaking of which, any recommendations of where I can purchase a computer desk? Have been doing lots of searching. Looking for help.

Thanks very much to the folks at Dell for sponsoring this post. If you’re shopping for a new computer for yourself or your family, check out Dell’s new Inspiron All-in-One 2320.


Giveaway Rules:

This giveaway will run until Friday, October 28th at 11:59 p.m. EDT and is open to all U.S. residents. A winner will be chosen at random using from all eligible entries. Each reader has 3 chances to win by ┬áleaving a separate comment on each of my Dell posts (this is the first of three– others are upcoming), and Dell posts by other bloggers participating in this campaign (you can find those posts at the Family Tech topics page). The chosen winner must respond within 48 hours of notification to claim their prize. Good luck!

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