Getting To Know Your Food

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It kind of makes sense that toddlers are such picky eaters. After all, as opposed to adults, they have absolutely no idea what their food is or where it came from! Would you eat food that was a total mystery to you? Probably not, and that is but one reason why it is so important that we teach our kids about food and how it ends up on our plates.

In order to jump-start Annie’s understanding of where her food comes from, Mike and I took her to visit a local farm. Annie is a huge fan of fruit (and mostly tolerant of vegetables), so it was a great place to start her learning.

One of the cool things about the farm we went to is that they let you pick out your own fruits and vegetables to buy and take home.


Annie was all about it, and picked out just the right carrot to put in our basket.


She also picked out some raspberries…


…and then enjoyed them when we got home!


This is just a start, of course, and we will need to do a lot more to teach Annie about her food. But starting her early in understanding these things hopefully will go a long way towards making her an adult who cares about things like the difference between natural and processed foods, the benefits of organic food, and the importance of a balanced diet.

Now if I could only figure out a way to explain to her where  Jell-O comes from…

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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