Ghost Hunting Moms

We love ghost hunting shows. Now that it’s October and basically Halloween full time, our favorite paranormal movies and TV shows are on full blast all month. Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State… we dig ’em all.

But why do they insist on filming at night with all of the lights off? Is it just because that green night vision is creepy? Because it totally is.

And what about those EVPs?! An EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomena, essentially recording yourself asking questions and then playing it back to analyze for embedded ghost voices, captured on a frequency often unheard by the human ear. Ghost Adventures consistently captures some of the best EVPs and Ghost Hunters captured one of the most amazing EVPs I’ve ever heard.

Which got me thinking: What if I made my own ghost hunting show?

Which then got me thinking: You are the most scaredy-cat ghost hunter in the South. You’ll need a partner. Preferably a brave one.

Coming the second week of October, join me and Mandy Boles of The Well-Read Wife for the premiere of Ghost Hunting Moms!

I swear, we really do go ghost hunting. I can’t promise we find anything or that it’s more than a lot of tape of me screaming and running away, but we take the hunt seriously and we catch it all on video and digital voice recorder… just in case we capture an EVP or two.

Check out the trailer below and join us next week for our first episode, featuring a haunted law firm and ghost stories of a woman in white that you won’t want to miss.

It’s Halloween at Babble! Let’s find some ghosts!



Watch our 1st full-length episode now!
Ghost Hunting Moms: Haunted Law Firm

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