12 Awesome Gifts for The Serious iPhonographer in Your Life

There’s no ignoring it. Smartphones have officially caught up to point-and-shoot cameras and are rapidly gaining on DSLRs in the eyes of many shutterbugs as more and more folks are dropping their heavy gear in favor of a high-res built-in camera and an arsenal of apps. If you’re left floundering because your go-to photography gifts have gone obsolete, never fear — I’ve put together a guide of everything I want some of the coolest phonography gadgets and accessories the Internet has to offer.

It was NOT easy to narrow it down — there are so many great goodies (both hardware and software) to pine after, so I’m going to focus on items you can hold in your hand. For my favorite apps, click HERE. Okay ready? Let’s do this.

Here are 12 great gift ideas for taking photos on your iPhone:

  • Hint To Friends and Family … 1 of 13

    I want all of these things. So does everyone else who can't stop taking photos with their smart phone. Shall we?

  • iPhone SLR Mount 2 of 13

    Want to really render that pricey camera body obsolete? Get your loved one this iPhone SLR mount from Photojojo and set their favorite lenses free.


    Available for Canon or Nikon, $249.00 HERE.

  • Glidetrack Mobislyder 3 of 13

    For the iPhone videographer who is ready to take their shooting to the next level — the Mobislyder provides tracking so smooth you'll think you're in Hollywood.


    Available for $94.95 HERE.

  • Pocket Spotlight 4 of 13

    Wash your subject in beautiful, even sunlight with this tiny little led flash. Awesome.


    Available for $40 including color filters, HERE.

  • Smartphone Video Rig 5 of 13

    A film crew that fits in the palm of your hand? This unibody case with a mic, and threaded wide angle lens gives you everything you need to go pro with your smartphone.


    Available HERE, $130

  • Holga Filter Case 6 of 13

    Life's a rainbow! Give your special someone the photo-equivallent of rose-colored glasses.


    Available for $30, HERE.

  • Keyprop 7 of 13

    Have you seen too many phones sacrificed over the edge of a table after the makeshift sugar shaker tripod has failed? Keyprop has the answer, always in your pocket.


    Available for $13.50 in a variety of colors, HERE.

  • Android/iPhone Film Scanner 8 of 13

    For the lomography-lover in your life, get them the best of both worlds!


    Available HERE, $59

  • Minoura Bikepod Mobile 9 of 13

    The bikepod can handle your regular camera, and the mobile mount attaches your smartphone with easy release!


    Available HERE, $30

  • Sony QX10 Wireless Smartphone lens 10 of 13

    This high quality 10x zoom lens from Sony bypasses your onboard camera completely and interfaces wirelessly with your smartphone to capture images.


    Available HERE, $250.00

  • Instant iPhone Photos? 11 of 13

    This is freaking amazing. Turn your smartphone photos into instantly developed snaps. From Impossible.


    Available HERE, $299.00

  • iPhone Boom Mic 12 of 13

    I mean, this would just come in so, so handy. Quality sound ups your production values, you know.


    Available HERE, $40.00

  • iPhone Lens Dial 13 of 13

    With a macro, and wide angle, and a you can always be shooting from the hip.


    Available ON SALE!, $175.00


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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