Gimme S’more! 7 Recipes to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth!

Summertime is for grilling, family, friends, and splashing in the pool. It is also for one of America’s favorite treats. The s’more. Indulge in your childhood favorite with your own kids this summer! Have fun in the kitchen making homemade graham crackers, picking and choosing which filling you love, and then sandwiching it all together to create an ooey gooey treat that will have smiles on everyone’s faces! After treating your brood to these recipes, you’ll be hearing “gimme s’more” all summer long!

What is your favorite s’mores combination?

  • Homemade Graham Crackers 1 of 7

    Graham Crackers are the most important part of the s'more. It's what holds everything together! Homemade graham crackers are super easy, and you can also make them chocolate!

  • Double Chocolate Indoor S’mores 2 of 7

    Photo and Recipe by Joy The Baker.

    Sometimes you just can't make it outside, but you still crave the deliciousness of the epic s'more. Try out these sinfully delicious Double Chocolate Indoor S'mores!

  • Chocolate Chip Smookies 3 of 7

    Photo and Recipe by What's Gaby Cooking.


    The adorable Gaby Dalkin has come up with probably the cutest s'mores idea I have seen, and she gives them an equally adorable name: Smookies. It's a cookie. It's a s'more. It's a Smookie!

  • Homemade Nutella 4 of 7

    Spread on a thick layer of this homemade chocolate hazelnut spread onto each graham cracker to take your s'mores up a scrumptious notch!

  • S’mores on a Stick 5 of 7

    Photo and Recipe by Julievr.


    How deliciously cute are these little S'mores on a Stick?! Little two-bite treasures to adorn the dessert table at your next party!

  • Mango Whoopie Pie S’mores 6 of 7

    Photo and Recipe by Julievr.


    If you remember whoopie pies, then you'll know how scrumptious they can make a s'more. Add a little mango and you'll have your mouth on a brilliant roller coaster ride of spices, flavors and textures.

  • Whole Wheat Double Chocolate Brownie Bites 7 of 7

    These are a bit healthier and lighter than traditional brownies without sacrificing a bit of the indulgence of an intensely rich dessert. Sandwich a toasted marshmallow between two of these little bites and you'll have a rich, decadent twist on the classic s'more!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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