Giving a Van a Sharpie Marker Paint Job

Van-Sharpie-Paint-JobYou’ve got to admire a fantastic doodle. It’s like sketching and graffiti got drunk on a few bottles of aimlessness and partied their way into urban art.

In school, I was always really impressed by any trapper keeper with amazing Sharpie tats. A montage of little personal murals that told the story of someones wandering imagination. Mostly in super boring classes.

Let’s look at what would happen if you applied Sharpie doodling to the paint job of let’s say… um… a CAR! Well, a van, really. I always try to avoid the word van these days, especially in all-caps. If you don’t precede it with mini- it conjures too many unwholesome associations. Admit it! You wouldn’t be as comfortable with your kids running out to the ice cream truck if it was called the “ice cream van” would you?

Have a look at this sharpie marker paint job!

  • sharpied volkswagon before 1 of 13

    Start with an old van. Volkswagen* (I'm an idiot)

  • sharpied volkswagon step one 2 of 13

    Paint it white.

  • sharpied volkswagon step two advertise 3 of 13

    If you make this sign, they will come.

  • sharpied volkswagon step three 4 of 13

    Wait for a three-day weekend.

  • sharpied volkswagon step four 5 of 13

    Buy eight cases of beer.

  • shrpied volkswagon during makeover 6 of 13

    None of us are artists!

  • sharpied volkswagon after makeover 7 of 13

    We just went for it.

  • sharpied_volkswagon_08 8 of 13
  • sharpied volkswagon after makeover 9 of 13
  • Sharpied Volkswagon After Makeover 10 of 13
  • sharpied Volkswagon after makeover 11 of 13

    Any ATCers out there? Notice the VORTAC symbol 😉

  • Sharpied Volkswagon After Makeover 12 of 13
  • sharpied Volkswagon after makeover 13 of 13

    My favorite part!

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By simply making a call out to some creative friends and providing a bunch of markers and the canvas to doodle on, we wind up with an amazing creation: a van that is not at all van-y or creepy, transformed into a work of art.

Heck! Here’s a million dollar idea. Combine the success of food trucks and the popularity of urban art, and turn this amazing communal creation into an iced latte van for the hipster crowd. It could even play songs that no one recognized (before they became cool) on it’s speakers to announce its presence in the neighborhood.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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