Global Motherhood Means Global Sisterhood

When you help a mom you help a sister. You support not only her family but her entire community. Who didn’t cry last week whenever we saw the mothers in Newtown? Who doesn’t feel her breast swollen in front of a breastfeeding mom? Who doesn’t spend crazy hours reliving every single detail of each labor? This is why I felt so close to the moms of Patacancha. I couldn’t help but feel their pain, embrace their joys as mine, and fight their causes as a matter of life and death.

I dare you to join me in this mom’s journey. Only browse if you are ready to adopt a new sister.  

  • Hard Worker 1 of 10
    Hard Worker
    She walks 2 hours up the mountain every morning to feed the Alpacas.
  • Curious Learner 2 of 10
    Curious Learner
    She was allowed in school only 10 years ago. It was too late for this mom. Her Spanish is very limited and she's unable to read.
  • Entrepreneur 3 of 10
    Not too late for this young mom who can now read and write. She will head the e-Commerce.
  • Opportunity Seeker 4 of 10
    Opportunity Seeker
    These moms will use the Cyber Room for a double purpose. To become literate and to sell their goods.
  • Responsible 5 of 10
    She spends her day taking care of her kids, taking care of the animals and knitting.
  • Creative 6 of 10
    She spends at least 2 hours a day in creative work. This is her favorite time of the day because can can create beauty.
  • Mom 24/7 7 of 10
    Mom 24/7
    She carries her baby really close all day long. This creates an amazing bond. Breastfeeding on demand and crying doesn't exist!
  • Real parenting 8 of 10
    Real parenting
    She gets her kids to start making a contribution to the family when they turn 4. They are in charge of helping with the animals. Yes! And that means walking 3 hours up the mountain to do so.
  • Beautiful 9 of 10
    Beauty is very clear in Patacancha. Not too fat (so they can walk up the mountain), but not too skinny (so they don't look sick).
  • Strong 10 of 10
    She eats potatoes every single day because that's the only thing that grows in the altitude. She wears sandals every single day of the year over mud, snow, water and rocks.

To learn more about what you can do to help a mother, join Latism and Babble on Thursday on Twitter at 9 pm (EST). Just follow #BabbleCares and you’ll get an opportunity to help, to see more pictures and to join a great conversation about our Cyber Sustainable Development Project.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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