Gone, Girl. Gone.

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We all have days.

Days when the sun ain’t shining and the rain is beating and you feel you might literally go hog-wild angry mean-faced at everyone who enters into your orbit. Days when you want to turn off the lights, close the door, put up the “for sale” sign on your life, and start over. Days where the very premise of Gone Girl (a bestselling novel about a woman who up and left, and a good book for anyone who may have just considered it) seem more real than your real life. Days when you struggle to do the wake-up, bed-make, work-hard, care-for-family dance that needs to be done each and every single day to make this life run.

It is on those days that there is one thing you can do, and one thing only.

Well, if I’m being honest (or if you’re counting) there are actually two things you can do, and one of them is very unhealthy and for that reason I won’t recommend, but constitutes just sucking it up, which, although useful at moments in life does not work forever, and will always make you feel worse in the end.

So, back to the one thing you can do. Because as I said, there is only one real thing you can do.

And that is to stop.

To stop it all, to turn out those lights, to put up that for-sale sign, and to tell the world that you are, officially, closed for business. You cannot do XYZ or ABC or LMN or any of those letters that in combination make up a long, screaming task or project or responsibility.


Because you are tired and wrung out and worn out and full up and out of gas and low on air and over it all. And, because you know the way to get going again is to not do the XYZ and the ABC and the LMN, you will not. Do it. Or do ’em. At all.

So go.


Get Gone, Girl.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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