Going Pants-less, Termite Queens, and more Reasons I Love Good Luck Charlie

The house was quiet, my husband had taken the kids out to run errands and give me some time to breathe. I deliberately shut down all of my Internet-connected devices and plopped on the couch for some peaceful me time. No one else’s needs to be met, no one else’s opinions in my ear, I dove into a guaranteed minimum of three hours of whatever I wanted and only what I wanted.

And I turned on Good Luck Charlie.

What the what?

All the time in the world (for three hours) to do whatever I wanted and I decided to watch the Disney Channel. Honestly. What has become of me?

What has become of me is a creature of comfort. And Good Luck Charlie makes me feel good. Fuzzy socks and snuggly blanket comfortable. I love it. I’m 36 and, goodness help me, I think Teddy and PJ are it.

The show is laugh out loud funny, which is saying a lot for me. I’m more of a Walking Dead or Fringe girl.

Recent British Academy Children’s Awards (BAFTA) winner, Good Luck Charlie centers around the Duncans, a Colorado family of six (now seven, though I’m not yet on board with new baby Toby). The 2010 series premiere introduced us to the family as they welcomed their fourth child, daughter Charlie. Each episode follows fairly standard family sitcom antics, ending with the oldest daughter, Teddy, recording a video diary for her sister Charlie.

In each video diary, Teddy shares lessons learned and tips for Charlie when she grows up and Teddy is out of the house. Teddy or a family member ends each video diary with a nod to whatever crazy thing happened that episode and the fact that it will surely happen again, so when the time comes to experience it herself, “Good luck, Charlie.”

The Duncans are silly and smart and… I’m just shaking my head. It’s hard to explain why my family likes it so much, to the extent that given my choice of shows to watch, I would choose this one.

I do laugh when their mom, Amy, shoots out her hands and yells “Ba-bam!” I root for Gabe to get away with mischief. I think PJ is awesome just the way he is and Teddy is so goody-goody flawed that I adore her. Adore.

Walking into the living room to see PJ, their teenage son, and his friend standing in shirts and socks, dad Bob gleefully exclaims, “Are we going pants-less now? This is the best day ever!” Oh, Bob, I feel you.

And, by the way, the episode “Termite Queen” might be the best episode ever. When Teddy dresses up as the termite queen and dances on stage at her dad’s exterminator convention? I was crying laughing. Crying, people. (set your DVR to record the rerun this Friday night)

I realize this post is bordering on hyperbole already, and I’m fine with that. With a straight face, I am telling you that Good Luck Charlie has some of the best writing on the Disney Channel. Dog with a Blog writers, I’m giving you the serious eyes. Take note.

I am a hypercritical consumer of media. I am a hypercritical writer of the words. I am telling you to get on board and start watching Good Luck Charlie with your family. And then the day you catch yourself watching it alone, come back here and leave a message.

This week is Good Luck Charlie Week on the Disney Channel, complete with a Wacky Week Roundup game. Catch some of the best episodes back-to-back all this week, leading up to the Season 3 finale Sunday night. Just turn it on in the background and, ba-bam! Readers, you are going to love it.

Wish them good luck, Charlie.  😉

One of my favorite Good Luck Charlie clips (and another reason to love PJ): 

What are some of your favorite Good Luck Charlie moments? Are you or your family fans? I can talk Disney Channel all day, so join me in the comments!

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