Goodbye Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Hello Jessie

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So, it’s official. My kids have grown up. And no, I’m not waxing nostalgic because of a doctor’s appointment, or another mark on the height chart. Nope, it’s because my boys are done with the “baby shows” (don’t get me wrong, I still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), and have their hearts set on Jessie. Yes, they have their first crushes on celebrities thanks to the fabulous folks behind Jessie (“Hey, Jessie….ooh ooh oooh oooh oooh!).

When the boys get home from camp, it’s “grab the remote and watch Jessie.” Thank you Dish Network, for making the shows so easy to record.  I insist on showers first because boys can get stinky (especially boys that skateboard ALL DAY LONG). I wanted to find out just what is so special about the woman behind the magic. After all, it’s a big deal to be a first crush, but to be crushed on by three handsome boys…what’s the secret?

Here’s the deal, Jessie has some seriously awesome comedic timing. Her charges can be vexing and spoiled, but Jessie doesn’t let it break her.


Here’s why Jessie is the best show on TV, and a great choice for my boys:

1. Talk about a multicultural family. I dig that.

2. The siblings have group hug moments, but most of the time, the relationships are authentic. That is, there is fighting! It’s healthy and very normal.

3. The theme song makes me happy. It really does. “Hey, Jessie!!!!”

4. There is a great animal that plays a major role. Mr. Kipling is awesome.

I asked my boys what they thought of Jessie, and why they have become absolutely infatuated with it as of late. Their responses were amazing. You see, children have an amazing ability to detect the good stuff and their radar for creativity is keen and strong. (Thanks, Mom!)

Littlest one: “it’s funny. Not unrealistic but realistic funny.”

Middle: “Jessie is really pretty.” (UM, WHAAAT?)

Oldest: “The situations make me laugh because Jessie always figures out how to get out of them in ridiculous ways. Plus, it’s mostly believable.”

Do you watch Jessie? Why do you love it? Because I know that you do!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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