gratitude: the last day of school edition

Today was my daughter’s last day of second grade.  I’m feeling particularly proud of her:  this year, we pulled her out of the school she’d been attending for the previous two years, and put her in a new, much smaller school.  Alex is not generally person who likes change at all, even when it’s positive, so I’m really proud of how she handled herself:  she made strong friendships and she worked hard.  It was a challenge, and I know she’s glad that summer’s here.

Still, I got the distinct impression over the past 9 months that she actually enjoys her new school more even more than her previous one.  So after school today, I asked her if there was anything about this year at her new school that made her grateful.  This is what she said:

“I loved this school year because people were nice to me here — there weren’t very many bullies.”

“I met Marley and all my other good friends.”

“On the last day of school we got to do fun stuff.  We didn’t have to work all day, and we got to draw.”

“There was a ceremony with African drums to celebrate the end of the school year.  I liked that.”

“I really enjoyed learning about fractions.”

“The fall festival was really fun.”

“I loved you reading all the Anne of Green Gables  books to me.  Anne’s funny.”

“It was really fun in art doing clay, and learning all about Claude Monet.  He’s my favourite artist.”

When decided to enroll Alex in a new school, my husband and I were really nervous..  I’m relieved we did the right thing — and thrilled that she found a lot to be grateful for.

Welcome to the third grade, Al.


(Is school out for the year in your home?  What are your kids grateful for?)


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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