Great Group Gifts For Grandparents

Why is it always so hard to find a good gift for the grandparents? My parents (you know, my children’s grandparents) are absolutely impossible to shop for. They have everything they need and neither of them are into trinkets or jewelry or perfume or gadgets. Same thing with my in-laws. If you add in the fact that they say they don’t want you to buy them anything, but you really want them to have something to to open and you want them to know that you appreciate them, it just makes it harder. Every year it is a huge stress to figure out what to buy for all of the grandparents.

But what if you go in with your siblings and nieces and nephews… or if you are and adult with elderly grandparents with your own parents and adult siblings their progeny?

Really I just wanted to use the word progeny in a sentence. Not bad, huh?

A big family photo is always a great gift, but you can’t do that every year and if your family is geographically separated it can be almost impossible to manage. A great twist on the family photo (and even the nicest ones aren’t very expensive) is a digital picture frame. The coolest thing about a digital frame is that you can pre-load the memory card with pictures. I did this for my parents one year and I had my brother send me a bunch of pictures of him and his daughter. I loaded up his pictures as well as my own and when my parents got the frame, they had pictures of grandchildren galore and they loved it.

This year my neighbor went in with his brothers and got their parents a monthly seasonal fruit and vegetable delivery. I don’t know if this is available everywhere, but we have a great service here in the Washington D.C. area. It can be pricey, but if you have a big group of people it doesn’t work out to that much for each person, and they get the gift all year long. I like it because it always saves me a trip to the grocery store.

If your grandparents are technologically advanced, consider a subscription to Audio books are great for anyone who does a lot of traveling by car. They have options for a three month, six month or full year gift subscription.

This is also a great gift if you wanted to buy something for me. I am just throwing this out there. I also really like Netflix and beer.

I hope this helps you find the perfect gift for your favorite grandparents!

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