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As I search for an area rug for my living room I find myself busy looking at beautiful pictures of beautiful rooms that I’ve found on to help me in my search. Even if I don’t find the same exact rug at Home Depot I will at least have some ideas about what I want the final product of the room to look like. A friend of mine from high school named Christa suggested some things I should be knowledgeable about before going in to shop. For instance, she suggested that I think about the materials that a rug is made from in order to make an informed decision. Olifin, she told me, is a high stain resistance material that has low crush resistance. Right now I have a very cheap rug in my family room (as opposed to my living room where we don’t really live) that feels flat and has worn down quickly because it’s a high traffic area. Who knew there was this much to think about?

Another thing my friend Christa taught me was that Nylon is a happy medium of a wool rug that happens to have a really high crush resistance but that it doesn’t do well with acids. That’s a concern as a dog-owner who happens to love her pet but knows that she’s getting older and accidents might happen. She also suggested that I stick with natural materials due to the “off gassing” that comes from treated textiles that ends up polluting the quality of the indoor air that we breathe every day. Of course, now when I go into Home Depot to find a rug I will be asking all these questions.

With that said, I’ve been searching for hours to find the things that I like about rugs in rooms. Like I previously mentioned, I have the wood floors I’ve always wanted. There are pros and cons to having them but, overall, I am happy with them. What I’ve learned about having them is that they tend to hide things like food that my dog ends up licking off the floor but also that they are hard on my feet. It’s not good to be a heel-walker (which I learned I was once I bought this house) so I’ve found that I wear a lot more shoes or slippers in my home. On the other hand, it’s harder to create a warm atmosphere in a room with wooden floors. The whole first floor of my house has wood floors and the upstairs and finished basement have carpeting. I think what I really like about this is the variety.


Here are some pictures of rooms that I really like with some details about why I like them as choices for an area rug for my living room.

  • Calming green master bedroom by the DeCordivas 1 of 5
    Calming green master bedroom by the DeCordivas
    Even though this picture is of a bedroom, I love the idea of putting a rug an an angle at the foot of a piece of furniture. Again, the color choices are safe but the accent of colors in this room are rich in their varying shades. Using greens makes this room look very natural and brings a warmth to the room. This rug would be good if the rest of my living room had those qualities.
  • Eclectic dining room with windows by Nicole Helene Designs 2 of 5
    Eclectic dining room with windows by Nicole Helene Designs
    This is the look I like and think my house can pull off as a design. The wall paint color is similar to what I have and it also has a lot of pretty, clean, and neat white trim in it. I am mostly drawn to the rich colors of the rug and the gorgeous wall pictures. One of the things I know I like in pictures is the multiple panels that are used here.
  • Home Staging from Voila Design Services 3 of 5
    Home Staging from Voila Design Services
    What I like about this rug is that it's got an interesting circular pattern even though it's got very safe color choices of black and white. The rest of the room has a natural quality because of the tans and beiges and wood, but I'm not certain this would look as good on my lighter colored wood floors.
  • Los Gatos residence by Lizette Marie Interior Design 4 of 5
    Los Gatos residence by Lizette Marie Interior Design
    This small, round table that sits on the rug is very cool since it has a matching table beside it that adds some height, but the thing I like about this type of rug is that it looks plush and comfortable under your feet. I like the thickness of it and would probably spend all of my time without shoes in a room like this just to feel the rug under my toes. Note the use of two delicate chandeliers in a room this size. The only thing I'm not fond of in this room is the photo on the mantle since it's just not my style.
  • Ralston Courtyard apartment model by Borden Interiors & Associates 5 of 5
    Ralston Courtyard apartment model by Borden Interiors & Associates
    This rug is very pretty and incorporates great design in that it pulls in the wall color from the adjoining room. It's also a good use of the space and, Christa tells me, uses it wisely since it's longer than the couch. Many people make the mistake of buying a rug that's too small and that can work if you choose a really small one that accents a piece of furniture.

These are just some of the ideas I’m mulling around in my head as I decide on a rug. Color, texture, and tying the room together are my goals, but I now know there’s a lot more that goes into this than just that. Do you have a favorite of any of the rugs in these rooms here?
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