Halloween in 10: 10 Last-Minute Halloween Decorations for Under $10.

There are two kinds of Halloween Decorations: The kind of perfectly darling twee decorations on Pinterest, and the kind that my 7-year-old son wants to put everywhere.

A snapshot of our house this last weekend:

H: “Mom, when are we going to put up the Halloween decorations?”

Me: “They’re up.”

H: “Where?”

Me: “There’s a ghost pillow on the couch.”

H: “A pillow is not Halloween decorations. I’m talking about scary decorations. Like cobwebs everywhere and ghosts over the doors and windows, and graves in the front yard.” (He’s 7. That = “scary” to him.)

Me: “Do you know how much graves cost? And cobwebs? That’s a whole thing. I’m not sure that’s in the budget.” (This is my standard response to graves and cobwebs.)

H: “Let’s go to the dollar store then. Then, it’s just like a dollar.”

Let me stop here and ask, do you know about the dollar store?…the dollar store being a concept. This was a whole new thing to me when we moved to Central Texas. To my knowledge, there were zero dollar stores anywhere near me in downtown Houston. Within five miles of my house in Central Texas, there are at least six dollar stores that I know of. The dollar store is a thing here, y’all. And not all dollar stores are built alike. Most of them have some things that cost a dollar and lots of things that cost more than a dollar, but there’s this one dollar store chain that is true to its name. Everything inside is exactly a dollar, no more no less, and that’s the one we go to.

So anyway, to add to the few hacks we did last year, we went to the dollar store and outfitted our whole house for not very much at all. Check it.

  • Halloween Hacks: 10 Ways to Decorate & Celebrate for Less than $10 1 of 14
    This will be fun.
  • 1. Add Fall Produce 2 of 14
    These are everywhere. The dollar store, the grocery store, the front lawns of churches. It's easy to find weird gourds and they make great decor.
  • 2. Add Fake Fall Produce 3 of 14
    An even more low-maintenance produce solution. I got this white pumpkin at the dollar store. They had a variety of them. It's cute, yes? (The ghost pillow behind it is from Target.)
  • 3. Sing It: I Want Candy (Corn) 4 of 14
    Nothing makes people happier than candy corn. Even people who don't like candy corn like candy corn. For instance, me. I hate candy corn. But I think it's the best candy to have around the house because it's pretty, and I am in no way tempted to eat it. Win win.
  • 4. Go Batty 5 of 14
    Pin bat cut outs on ribbons and hang them from the chandeliers. Here's a step by step on this. Easy.
  • 5. Erase the Fear 6 of 14
    Halloween erasers from the dollar store festive up the pencil area. Yes, we have a pencil area. Otherwise, I'd never be able to find a pencil ever.
  • 6. Bless You and Your Halloween Hankie 7 of 14
    My mom used to always have these little packets of tissues in her purse. In contrast, I never ever had a tissue when I (or more likely, my son) needed one. So now I try to always have one of these packets in my purse. When I have a seasonally appropriate packet, I basically feel like I won the mom marathon or something. Although, I'll probably still be using pumpkin hankies around Valentine's Day. Because of course I will be.
  • 7. Take Out The Terrible Towels of Terror 8 of 14
    These are cheap kitchen dishtowels from the dollar store. They're terrible...I learned this today after I spilled an entire mug of coffee on the floor and both of them combined couldn't make a dent in the problem...but they're kind of cute like that.
  • 8. Place Pumpkin Placemats 9 of 14
    I don't think these dollar store felt cut outs were supposed to be placemats, but they totally work.
  • Extra Idea: Add Cute Melamine Plates 10 of 14
    These are also from Target. They run about $2 a piece.
  • Another Extra Idea: Add Ghost Lights 11 of 14
    These might be my favorite addition this year. I got them from Pottery Barn Kids. They're more than $10.
  • 9. Know That Ghosts Reside in Doorways 12 of 14
    It's a proven ghost hunter fact...so just make it more obvious. This was in the Target dollar bin.
  • Related: Make Your Own Festive Door Decor 13 of 14
    Plates. Ribbon. Fall Cutouts. Glue. Easy. Done.
  • 10. Aaaaand Make Your Front Yard a Graveyard. 14 of 14
    This will not at all help your property value, but it will make your kid happy.

In the end, I still somehow ended up with graves in my front yard. But at least there are no cobwebs. Well, no fake cobwebs anyway.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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