Halloween Party Treats for Kids – Monster Fingers and Apple Fangs

I’ve been trying to figure out things to do with my 3-year-old this Halloween season that aren’t expensive, hard, or horribly messy, but are still fun. I mean, I want to be fun, even if I don’t feel like spending money or cleaning up after fun. I picked up a box of these cheap fangs thinking I’d stick them in cupcakes or something, but as we were messing around with some apples, peanut butter, and candy melts…I had a better and surprisingly (for me) healthier idea.

The result are these Halloween Party Treats, that are awesome for kids. They are special enough for a party but easy enough for an afternoon snack: Monster Fingers and Apple Fangs. Click through to see how I made them!

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  • A monstrous snack! 1 of 11

    Here's what you'll need to make your monster fingers and apple mouth fangs!

    - Green apples

    - Plastic fangs (you can find them a lot of places, but party supply stores for sure)

    - Chocolate chips

    - White candy melts or white chocolate 

    - Peanut butter 

  • A tasty mouthful 2 of 11

    Let's start with the mouths! They are pretty straight forward except for ONE trick...

  • Cut the teeth! 3 of 11

    MAKE SURE TO CUT the fangs in half! If you don't the fangs will keep pushing your apple slices apart. You'll be annoyed and think I've lead you astray. But I HAVEN'T! 

  • Prepping for dental work 4 of 11

    For the mouths I sliced the apple into quarters, then sliced out the core, then cut each quarter in half to use as a mouth. 

  • Easy peasy 5 of 11

    Then I sprinkled some chocolate chips in the mouth, but if this was for an older crowd I'd drizzle red candy melts all up in that biz. Or you could put plastic spiders and eyeballs in there...get wild!

  • High five 6 of 11

    Now let's make the monster fingers! I served them in little ramekins filled with peanut butter, but Nutella would be yummy or a fruit dip. And you could put them in individual disposable cups for a child's party if you didn't want communal fingers. 

  • Finger slicing fun! 7 of 11

    To slice the apples for your fingers, cut the cheek off each side of the apple, and cut the seeds out. Then lay the cheek flat and slice the apple as shown above. I used 5 fingers in each little bowl of peanut butter, but who says monsters have to have 5 fingers? 

  • Add the candy melt! 8 of 11

    To add some texture to the monster fingers, I dipped the PEEL side in white candy melt. If you dip the wet apple part the candy melt will not stick. If you add food coloring to your candy melt, it will RUIN it, so buy a color if you want a color. (it's oil based and anything with water- such as food dyes, will cause it to seize) To melt your candy put them in a microwave safe bowl and melt in 30 sec. increments. 

    I didn't worry about being clean or cute, I just dipped my apples in the candy! Then add a chocolate chip as the toenail! 

  • Dip your fingers! 9 of 11

    After taking the pictures I ate most of the monster fingers before my daughter had even woken up from her nap. I'm a selfish, selfish mummy. 

  • Can I have a hand? 10 of 11

    ROAR! But seriously, cute right? 

  • Life of the party! 11 of 11
    Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 2.00.56 PM

    I'm making these for my daughter's preschool class, and I can't wait for everyone to tell me how awesome I am! (Obviously my love language is verbal praise...) I hope you like them too!

    Happy halloween! 

I also have a some fun Monster Party ideas, a tutorial for Tin Can Monster Feet, and a Monster Pong party game idea here!

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