Happy Blogger Childhood Holidays!

Childhood holiday photos of popular bloggers!Sometimes, we neglect to remember that bloggers were all children, themselves. We get swept up in their beautiful words, exquisite stories and talents for making us think or laugh. Or “thaugh” if you will.

We wonder who they were before we digitally met them, and in turn wish we could’ve seen them in their formative years.

Holiday photos are a perfect avenue for that kind of discovery. We are laid bare by holiday cheer or dread.

Anyway, we would like to show you a few bloggers celebrating their holidays so you can shame, I mean, share in their most sentimental holiday moments.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.


  • Bebehblog – Suzanne Glidden 1 of 14
    Bebehblog - Suzanne Glidden
    Suzanne Glidden of looks pretty stoked to be meeting Santa. Meanwhile, Santa looks like he needs an espresso.
  • Blogged Bliss – Jenna Rosener 2 of 14
    Blogged Bliss - Jenna Rosener
    Jenna Rosener of looks like a deer in headlights over her new whatever that is. A sweater with a boombox sewn into it?
  • Harper’s Happenings – Mandy Morrison 3 of 14
    Harper's Happenings - Mandy Morrison
    Mandy Morrison of looks simply cherubic in this holiday photo depicting her side job doing landscaping and yard work in her white dress.
  • Charmingly Chandler – Alena Chandler 4 of 14
    Charmingly Chandler - Alena Chandler
    Alena Chandler of should probably do a background check on this "Santa" fellow. What is he pointing at exactly?
  • IROCKSOWHAT – Jess Craig 5 of 14
    IROCKSOWHAT - Jess Craig
    Jess Craig of gets what I believe is the best gift ever from her dad in this photo. I remember every girl in my class had one of these Fisher Price houses. And I used open them and try to eat the figures inside like Godzilla. Boys, what can you do?
  • Life’s Candy – Mae Webb Winter 6 of 14
    Life's Candy - Mae Webb Winter
    Mae Webb Winter of rocks the "Vanna White" wrist-hand move and displays superior 80's fashion sense. Her favorite phrase at the time? "Burn it down." Who knows why.
  • Lookieboo – Tiffany Reese 7 of 14
    Lookieboo - Tiffany Reese
    Tiffany Reese seems mildly nonplussed by Santa's giant hairy arms. Is that Robin Williams under there?
  • No Super Just Mom – Miranda Wicker 8 of 14
    No Super Just Mom - Miranda Wicker
    Miranda Wicker of knows how to party indoors. Slipper AND a bike. What could go wrong? NOTHING. DOUBLE FUN RAINBOW ALL THE WAY.
  • The818 – Morgan Shanahan 9 of 14
    The818 - Morgan Shanahan
    Morgan Shanahan of our own Babble Voices column, 10 Degrees Hotter and gets away with strangling another kid during the holidays but no one cares because her sense and cunning wit get her out of trouble every time.
  • Tie A Little Ribbon – Krystal Edwards Dykema 10 of 14
    Tie A Little Ribbon - Krystal Edwards Dykema
    Krystal Edwards Dykema of shows off her holiday biceps. Oh, and her Barbie too.
  • The Paper Mama – Chelsey Andrews Staskiews 11 of 14
    The Paper Mama - Chelsey Andrews Staskiews
    Chelsey Andrews Staskiews of looks ready for school break so she can continue her sommelier classes for her future in wine expertise.
  • Reframed – Tracey Clark 12 of 14
    Reframed - Tracey Clark
    Tracey of our Babble Voices' own Reframed is obviously super pumped about the incredible gift of... wait, nevermind. It's a clown. As she puts it, "I don't remember what I wanted for Christmas when I was 3 or 4 but I am pretty sure it wasn't THIS clown." Makes sense to us.
  • Arianna Rosado Silver 13 of 14
    Arianna Rosado Silver
    Arianna Rosado Silver knows how to show her "IMSUPERJAZZED" face. She hasn't changed a bit.
  • Postpartum Progress – Katherine Stone 14 of 14
    Postpartum Progress - Katherine Stone
    Katherine Stone (aka "The Mermaid" aka "Ariel") of our Babble Voices' own Something Fierce and Postpartum Progress looks as cute as ever in her 1970's photo here. Was it that hazy back then or did the camera just make it look like that? We think hippie haze.

Here’s Charlie … with the shiftiest Santa ever.

So, there you have it.

Holiday photo awesomeness. And proof that bloggers aren’t immortal beings without souls. Well, maybe not the former.

Post a link in the comments below to your holiday moments. We’d love to see them.

Is there a blogger you’d like to see here? Let us know!

Happy Holidays, everyone! 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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