Happy Rebecca Black Friday!

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In our household, this is a very special week. And not because it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. No. This week we will be celebrating our first annual Rebecca Black Friday when instead of shopping, we join hands as a family and dance to the viral music videos of Youtube in honor of our Friday night theme-song songstress, Rebecca Black.

I was first introduced to Ms. Black via Hal who knows about every viral video weeks before it goes viral. I don’t know quite how he does it. I do know that it was he who turned me on to the Honeybadger video when it had less than one thousand views. (ED: Hal just informed me that I am completely unoriginal and that Kohls is trying to steal my holiday! In his words: “You’re a few weeks late with that joke.” My response: “Damnit, I don’t care! I’m going to embrace my late-to-the-Rebecca-Black-Joke-party and write this post, anyway! ) Now that everyone knows about my husband’s viral-video-pyschic genius (and my late-to-the-partyness), I’d like to talk for a moment about Rebecca Black, who, yes, I know is SO last year but that’s exactly why she’s worth celebrating, along with her peers, this Friday.

If you ask Fable who her favorite “artists” are she will list them in this order: Rebecca Black, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga. If you ask Archer, Jimmy Fallon will be on his list but only because Jimmy Fallon, Steve Colbert and Taylor Hicks’ cover of Friday is Archer’s favorite thing to watch on my computer (besides stop-motion car videos, obviously.)

Photo_14903122-C9EF-CA02-3CB9-52377E0007AC Fable, rocking out to Jimmy Fallon’s Friday back when it first aired

In fact, some of our finest family times this year have been soundtracked by Ms. Black and her weekend shenanigans. We LOVE her and not in an ironic way, Silverlake. We actually truly love her and think Friday is the catchiest song of the year. Even though, yes, okay… it came out last year. (So far nothing in 2011 has been that catchy, real talk.)

AND. We’re not afraid who knows it. Which is why we’ll be celebrating Rebecca Black Friday as a day to embrace not-trying-to-be-cool(dom). Just like we bumped it to Justin Bieber in the school drop-off lane this morning, my need to introduce my kids to every indie rock band that exists east of La Cienega is so totally over. I spent so many years resisting the “beige” existence of “soccer momdom” I forgot that rebellion is just as obnoxious as acquiescence. And besides, my kids aren’t what one would call the “athletic types”… following in their parents’ bench-warming footprints and resisting organized sports of any kind. (Lego mom? Yes. Hot Wheels mom? Sure thing. Pink-loving princess-dress-up mom? Hi there. Soccer mom? Not looking like that will be the case.)

Also, plain and simple, I like Justin Bieber. He’s a cute kid with choir-boy pipes. Who can hate on that?

So this Friday, while everyone in America is lining up at their various box stores looking for the best deals to kick off the holiday shopping bonanza that is December, please join me in celebrating the Internet’s finest songs you love to hate, or if you’re like us, love to love.



Or if you do choose to get all line-waity-inny, don’t forget your headphones. Dancing in a two-hour-line is a LOT more fun than standing in one.


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