Have you sanitized your pre-child self?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me she was going through her stuff, getting rid of things she and her husband hadn’t used in awhile – DVDs that had gone unwatched, CDs never loaded onto iTunes.  One of the screens she used: do I want my future kids to know about this?  What about all those CDs with the parental advisory stickers, not to mention the cheesy dance music mixes that will just invite ridicule?  Now, she decided, before even having kids, is the perfect time to weed out a few things.

This conversation came up the same week that, looking  at sack of DVDs, I thought to myself that maybe, perhaps, it will not be wise to have episodes of Sex and the City on DVD when there are ten year old boys living in my house.   Eventually, and probably much sooner than I’d like since I’d prefer they remain innocent until 25, they’ll see some explicit things, but I don’t want to be the one who provides the opportunity to them.

And it was the same week that Sean told me that Jonas’ new favorite song is Cherry Bomb, which is not exactly the most appropriate song to introduce to a twenty month old.  To be fair, Sean had just started a random selection from iTunes, and was about to skip the song when Jonas began to dance and chant, “More, more.”  No, no more.  Not for a few years, kid.  Even though it pains me, we’re going back to BINGO as his favorite song.

I can’t really be too harsh about the introduction of inappropriate music to small children, as I’ve found myself singing along to songs with the kids in the backseat and then realized I just sang along to a big fat four letter word.  Then I try for a quick diversion and pop in an Elizabeth Mitchell CD or switch over to some 50s music.   Buddy Holly for everyone!

Eventually, our children will know that Sean and I moved in together three months after we met – and two years before we got married.  They will discover their father’s very extensive collection of punk rock.  There will be frank conversations about taking care of themselves and respecting other people, about drinking, and drugs, and sex.  And, though we do our best to keep our lips zipped, they’ll probably learn to swear at home.

But for now, I’ve got some boxes I need to go through and a few things to lock away.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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