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When my husband and I bought our home last year, I could not WAIT to decorate it for the holidays. It was fun putting up stuff for Fourth of July and Halloween, but Christmas was what I was really waiting for. I wanted to make a winter wonderland for Annabel, not unlike the one I grew up with. Christmas was a magical time of year in my house when I was a kid. My mom went all out. That is no exaggeration. When I was a thoughtless teenager I used to say Christmas exploded in our house, but even then I secretly loved it. My mom would spend hours and hours setting up amazing displays in every room of the house. There were lights and garlands everywhere, nativities galore, and of course, a giant Christmas tree that twinkled so brightly you could see it from the street.

Last year was our first Christmas in our house and I have to say, I really did a great job. This year, because of my hyperemesis, I had to scale the decorations back a bit, and I was still putting them up only a few days before Christmas. But it was worth it because my daughter declared each decoration “so beautiful and magical.” Next year I’ll be back to the full-on decorating that I love, but here are a few pictures of what I put up this year, courtesy of my Samsung Galaxy Camera:

  • Welcome to my Holiday House 1 of 14
    Welcome to my Holiday House
    The halls aren't as decked as usual, but I still think our house looks cozy and festive.
  • Snowy Spohrs 2 of 14
    Snowy Spohrs
    It's exactly like how Mike and I would look as snow people.
  • Our Christmas Tree 3 of 14
    Our Christmas Tree
    I was always adamantly against fake trees until I had to clean up my own seven-foot mess of needles. Now it's fake tree all the way! The plus side is I can put it up the weekend of Thanksgiving and I don't have to worry about it drying out.
  • Christmas Buddies 4 of 14
    Christmas Buddies
    Annie loves playing with these, so you never know where you'll run into one of these toys. Annie loves to leave them in the bathroom.
  • Grandma’s Quilts 5 of 14
    Grandma's Quilts
    My Gramma was a champion quilter, and these are two hand-made quilted Christmas banners she made that I am now lucky enough to display in my home.
  • Christmas Past 6 of 14
    Christmas Past
    I keep vintage ornaments in the tall vase, a vintage Santa to the left, and pictures from Christmas Past in the frames.
  • Rudolph and All of His Friends 7 of 14
    Rudolph and All of His Friends
    My Gramma had this wire reindeer set in her home when her kids were small. When they all grew up and started families of their own, she and my mom scoured the flea markets for additional sets. When Mike and I got married nine days before Christmas, this wire sleigh and reindeer set was a wedding gift from my mom.
  • Annie’s DIY Tree 8 of 14
    Annie's DIY Tree
    I put together this felt Christmas tree and hung it on the wall with Command strips. Annie likes to move the ornaments around (with hers always at the top).
  • Kitchen Packages 9 of 14
    Kitchen Packages
    I use cheap red ribbon and oversized bows to make my kitchen look a little more festive.
  • Kitchen Countdown 10 of 14
    Kitchen Countdown
    Since we're teaching Annie how to count, we have a couple advent calendars in the kitchen to help her with numbers.
  • The Princess Tree 11 of 14
    The Princess Tree
    Even though I learned the hard way that giant real trees are messy, I really wanted my daughter to experience picking out a Christmas tree. We decided getting a small real tree every year was a good compromise. Annie can decorate it however she wants (although she'll have to share with her future little sibling). This year's theme was Princesses - no surprise if you know my princess-obsessed kid.
  • The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimneys With Care 12 of 14
    The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimneys With Care
    We have two fireplaces in our house, which works out well because a lot of people open presents here on Christmas morning. Two mantels allow us to have stockings for everyone!
  • Christmas Greens Everywhere 13 of 14
    Christmas Greens Everywhere
    I like to have a touch of Christmas in every room. Annie has a small fake tree in her room, there's a tulle tree on my dresser, and I even have a small wreath in the bathroom!
  • Santa Came 14 of 14
    Santa Came
    On the evening before the big day, presents for eleven people were placed gently under the tree by Santa and his elves. YAY CHRISTMAS!

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