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Kids making movies

The other day I shared that, ever since we got our Sony Handycam (thanks, Sony!) my 6-year-old son Owen has been obsessed with taking video. But while he was an enthusiastic movie-maker, his first efforts at filmmaking were choppy, jerky, and downright nausea-inducing.

We’ve been working with Owen to teach him how to manage the Handycam, focusing on three things:

1. Hold the camera steady: it helps to hold it at a comfortable height to keep little arms from getting too tired.

2. Use smooth motions while scanning or walking. We reminded Owen to walk or move the camera slowly, and only when necessary, and to set up the shot before he starts recording so that zooming and moving around is less necessary.

3. Add music. There’s a ton of royalty-free music available out there for home movies – Owen chose the music for his movie from the Vimeo music store (source: Adding background music can make a an amateur filming job seem more special or cover random background noise. If you host your video on Vimeo, you can add the music there.

It’s taken some practice, but Owen’s starting to hone his filming skills. Using our new puppy Renly as his first “actor”, Owen created this cute little movie, and I think it’s pretty darn well-done. What do you think?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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