Hey Justin Timberlake, Dragging Someone Behind A Truck Isn’t Sexy

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According to US Magazine, Justin Timberlake’s brand new video released today for the song TKO is “steamy” and is based on the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

I don’t get it.

Sure, the scenes where he’s having “sex” with Elvis Presley’s granddaughter in the kitchen could be construed as sexy (did anyone else get a shudder at that thought?), but more than half of the video is footage of Riley Keough’s character dragging Justin Timberlake behind a pickup truck.

SPOILER: she kills him by driving the truck off a cliff.

Not only do I not get it, I think it’s pretty damned offensive.

Now, I realize that Mr. Timberlake was busy being in a hot new boy band in the late 90s, so maybe he’s never heard of James Byrd, the Texas man who was beaten and then dragged behind a pickup truck to his death simply because he was black.

And maybe he was too busy acting in 2008 when, just 200 miles away from where James Byrd died, another black man named Brandon McClelland was also dragged to his death behind a pickup truck, simply because of the color of his skin.

Getting dragged behind a truck is a racially charged image. It’s not sexy. It’s gross. And it certainly isn’t something that can happen to someone and not do any damage or even allow them to pretend to sing while they are being dragged. If you can stomach it, you can see what dragging behind a car does to flesh (image is a dog that was injured by being dragged behind a car).

And all of this doesn’t even touch the glorified domestic abuse in this video.

Nope, not cool. In fact, downright offensive. You’ve got to wonder what Mr. Timberlake and the production crew were thinking.

Video is below.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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