Hey, Son…..You Want To Kiss Who With That Mouth?

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My son is 14  and he’s the perfect storm of athletic, apathy, and Axe (you know, the stuff teen boys use instead of water).  So you can see why when he got braces I was concerned.  There is no quick fix to keeping gunk out of your teeth except caring for them correctly with brushing and flossing high on the list of things to do at least twice a day.  He made promises, but I had no way of enforcing the rules.  I can’t very well go in and smell his breath every night, I mean, do I really WANT to?  So what was I to do?

As luck would have it, fate stepped in.  I noticed my son’s cell phone was abuzz more often than usual, and, when I asked him about it, he gave up a name and an award winning smile. I hadn’t noticed, but he had been taking much better care of his teeth.  Now I do know that he was always armed with product, especially the rinse; the braces make getting to every surface pretty difficult and the rinse is easier than his flossing.  But I know there are only a few women a (young, pubescent) man listens to, and in this case his mom wasn’t one.

So here are a few words of wisdom for my dear boy on how to use that winning smile around the fairer sex…just in case he’s still listening to his mom.

1. Pay attention to her.  Even when you are around your friends a quick smile in her direction will send chills down her spine.

2.  Respect her.  It seems he may already have this one covered seeing as how he has cleaned up his act (and his teeth) for her.

3.  Be a gentleman.  Old-fashioned values are sure to put a smile on her face.

4.  Fight fair.  No name calling and definitely no physical violence.  Fighting “tooth and nail” is just an expression.  Rational discussion?  Now that’s how you put a smile on Mom’s face.

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